Damn GPS!

I ventured out of my little town today. Thanks to my GPS it was more eventful than it was supposed to be.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. That you are about to read some long drawn out story about how I was lost for hours thanks to the GPS. Well, hate to disappoint you. It was only 15 minutes.

But still, I was ticked that A) the silly thing didn’t recognize the frontage road (thinking it was the freeway) and B), it thought I needed to go 5 miles down to flip around when 1 mile would have done the trick.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my Smartphone has a built-in GPS. I think this is one of the best inventions in years. It is awesome when it works well.

But today… I wanted to smash that woman’s face. You know, the one that tells you “Right turn, in .5 miles”.   Point 5 miles my ass.

Besides, what fool puts their business in the middle of no where and on a frontage road you have to turn into a hotel parking lot and then cross over to their building? What fool, puts their business on a road that if you miss the turn in, you have to go down a mile to attempt pass 2?  I’ll tell ya what fool…The one I had to visit today.  Thank god it was my first and only time.

I still love my damn GPS, but we just aren’t on speaking terms for a few days.


I’m still pissed at the bitch…



~~~till we laugh again~~~

Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 7

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Funnies!

Where I share things I found via Google or Facebook last week that made me laugh


This was my favorite for the week

I’m still laughing


Since today is Father’s Day, I’ve found some Dad ones

Yep, whatever makes dad happy today



(pun intended)


The sad part is, someone thought they would plant this seed in their kid’s head


(so many bad jokes here I have to be a good girl – so I’ll be mooooving on)

Not the family reunion Betsy was hoping for


The fact this kid is still alive tells us this is one cool dad


Wow, I wonder how many dad’s dream of this when their kid is screaming or sneaking in the house at 4am? or the dad in the picture above?


Now I know a few of you dads have kids that would so wear this 

(Mollie, cough cough)

(inside joke)


Well, off to sell some cakes


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What’s Cutting into My Blog Post Time? Got Cake?

Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve had some short and funny blog posts this week.

I promise, I’m not mailing them in…..

Seriously, I have no stamps.


With Father’s Day tomorrow, I’ve been making our Father’s Day Ice Cream Cakes. This is a big holiday for us, so it takes a lot of my time. Cakes are fun to make but when you stand there making them back to back and try to work in other stuff it can take all your time.

I become a walking billboard for icing, tint, etc all over my hands and clothes. By the end of the night I feel like I smell like a giant sugar confection.

Would you like to see some of the ones I’ve been working on?

I bet you do!  LOL, just kidding, the little smart ass in my popped out.

Ok, I’ll be nice. Here is a collection of some we have done. It is a mixture of Birthday and Father’s Day. Hope you like a few.

For our Beer Drinking Dads

Or a PG 13 Rootbeer Float version (lots of these made)

For the Handy Dad

Lot of Birthdays this weekend too

I shared the red bird before, we got to do a black angry bird this time

This one was odd…a wolf on the beach?? 


Ok, I’m off to make more cakes. These were just a few of them, thought I’d share.

See ya for our Funnies tomorrow!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What Makes You a Kid at Heart?


I have a saying I’ve been sharing for years

Act Responsible, Yet Always Remain a Kid at Heart 


The way I see it, life is full of grown up things we have to deal with…work, bills, life, medical, kids and various other “responsible” things.

It is very important that you offset the weight of all those heavy burdens by having some “kid at heart” moments in your day.

Some of you share these all the time. Maybe playing a joke on someone, messing with your kids, while at a restaurant coming out of the bathroom with a toilet seat cover necklace (yes, I had a friend do this one).

Whatever it is, it helps you remain young and have the ability to handle anything that is thrown your way. That moment of laughter keeps you feeling young. Yes, my body might be feeling 46 but my mind is still hanging out in its 30s. I will be a 80-year-old woman feeling in my 40s.

I remain a kid at heart by laughing at all the things I find funny at any given moment (and I find a lot funny for various reasons). I’m not afraid to be a kid with kids, yet I know that fine line of them knowing I’m the adult still.

So I’m curious…..

What do you do,

to remain a kid at heart?


Please share….Let’s all be a kid at heart on this post…..


~~~till we laugh again~~~




I’ve Been Graffitied


Ok, so I’ve been tagged.

I guess that means I’ve been graffitied. 

I hope it was at least with nice colors and no mention of  how I’m a #$%&


Yes, Jules at The J85 felt it necessary to defile my wall. Yep, someone went on her turf and tagged her, so she retaliated and tagged mine.

I never thought I’d say this to someone who graffitied me, but thank you.   😀


Ok, now to those going what they hell is Tammy talking about this time?

There is a little game of tag that gets played on WordPress to help people learn more about you and for you to share that love. Some folks ignore it as if they were a passer-by and some random kid touched them (tag Mr/Miss you’re it!) and other’s embrace the fun and pass it along. I’ve decided to play and share my answers. I promise you will not regret reading further (ok, one or two might, but I can’t never please them all – LOL)

Also, make sure to see my questions I will be asking, you all will wish you were picked for these!



Here is how it works, I answer her questions, then create my own and pass it along. To those I tag, I promise to touch lightly and not slap any of you upside your head (unless you deserve it!)

Here are Jules’ questions:

1. Where do you live and why?

I live in our Non~Normal & Proud of it! Clubhouse. Why? someone locked me in. Besides, it’s my clubhouse and I don’t want anyone to steal it. Some folks have sticky fingers (if you know what I mean)

2. If you could get everyone you know to read just ONE book, what would you want that book to be? Why?

The Cat in the Hat ….Why? A) it would mean we all could read…B) The Cat definitely represents us non~normals, after all, I don’t see too many cats wearing a hat that big. Sure, smaller ones, but that hat is just so tall for gosh sake….

3. What is your worst bad habit?

Typing LOL…..Yep LOL…. I drive some of you nuts with it. But I don’t care!  LOLLLLLLL  Evil laugh time….  Listen, when I type LOL you can guarantee that I was chuckling at the time I wrote it.  Besides, typing (smile) or ha ha seems so 2000. 

4. If you could have any job you wanted (provided with training and/or skills necessary), what would it be?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for years! I have never known what I want to be when I grew up and it has driven me mad trying to figure it out. My family and friends say I should have been a psychiatrist since I think I can analyze people so much.  LOL.  Hmm, not sure how much sarcasm they have in that suggestion tho…..

5. What is something you regret passing up when you had the chance? If nothing, what is something you wish you HAD passed up?

I try to not live my life with regrets. But the smart ass in my would say something like saying no to anything I really wanted but didn’t want to seem like a pig…LOL.

The serious me would say, that I never finished getting my degree. Seems like people think the piece of paper is way more important than the real life knowledge / experience. 

6. What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment to date? (YOUR OPINION, doesn’t have to be anything others may not consider as difficult to do as you found/find it to be.)

That I have almost reached the half way mark of a post a day in 2012 and I haven’t blown it yet!   😀
7. Do you typically write your posts all in one sitting, in bits and pieces over the course of the day, in your head before typing, or as ongoing works over a period of time?

Being the procrastinator I am, I do each day fresh. Beating myself up for forgetting the awesome thing I should have captured earlier that would have been wayyyyyy funnier.  That is why some days are hit, some misses, but each one is fresh off my confused and crazy mind. 

8. If you were handed a piece of paper and drawing utensils right now (and talent, if necessary…as it is with me) and told to draw whatever you wanted, what would you draw? Any specific reason?

A stick figure. I make mean stick figures. Ok, not mean as in mad. I have no artistic ability. My Draw Something friends get stuck with a lot of one color stick figures. Why? My sister is the artist in the family. She sucked all mine out. 

9. What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

They all blend together for me. They are all special. Depending on which reality show I’m really into determines which day I can’t wait for. Ok, not really. But she was making me pick darn it!

10. What is something you do for yourself occasionally that you wish you would/could do more often?

Sleep..I wish I could sleep and/or rest. ….My brain is tired. 

11. If you HAD to get rid of something you use that is in the room with you right now, what would it be? How would you cope without it?

Techically this is question 16 & 17. Someone needs to teach Jules how to count. (just saying) .  LOL

The TV, after all it is the root of all evil in the world right now. I’d cope by balling up in the corner and crying like a baby for at least a week.


Dang, I need a nap now. That is way too much work this early in the morning……then again it didn’t help that Jules asked a bunch of “thinking” questions. What was with all the “WHY” parts. I think she just wanted to torture me.

Ok, I’m going to cheat on this next part. I’m running out of time. (Obviously spending too much time on questions)

If you want to play, I’ll stick my hand out, and you can tag yourself . Just don’t embarrass me too much on where you let me tag you. I do try to keep this PG-13 after all.


Here are my 11 questions if you want to play!  

  1. Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
  2. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?
  3. If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?
  4. How come, at a wedding, the bride doesn’t marry the best man?
  5. Why does Bugs Bunny walk around the cartoon naked, but he puts a bathing suit on when he goes swimming?
  6. IF you had everything, where would you put it?
  7. How come we choose from just two people for president and fifty for Miss America?
  8. Do cemetery workers always the graveyard shift?
  9. Why haven’t we come up with something better than sliced bread in the last 80 years?
  10. If there’s an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?
  11. If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then do girls with one leg work at IHOP?


Have fun on those questions!!!!  I’ll see ya later!!!   😀


~~~Till we laugh again~~~

Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 6

Sunday Funnies!

Another week of things I found on either Facebook or Google that made me laugh or smile.


Perfect for our Non~Normal & Proud of It Club!


One for my fellow Sarcastic Buddies


Sometimes at the same time

(I love this one – LOL)


Don’t cast stones, we all have voices in our head

(mine is reading what I type to me)


This is sad and wrong yet funny


Would I ever do this??? Nahhhh

(cough cough)


For those of you with blog stalkers



Ok, I have to get some work done, I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and let’s do this again tomorrow!


Ok, maybe not this specifically but something fun




~~~till we laugh again~~~

Spelling Is SOOOO Overrated!

Ok, I’ve been one of the lucky ones. I have yet to be attacked by any of the Vocabulary/Spelling Police.

I’m not saying I never will (knock on wood) but maybe I’m just lucking out due to being so darn funny!

(I barely could say that with a straight face!) 

I’m not saying I’m really bad, but I do mess up. I have lots of excuses, I mean reasons.


  • I could blame it on genetics…. that whole apple not falling far from the tree stuff
    • But that would be an easy cop-out and unfair
    • Besides, one of my sisters has already taken that one


  • I could blame it on spell check…. God only knows how much I LOVE my red squiggly line! They are so pretty
    • But being that I’m 46, the spell checker can only account for my bad spelling the past 15 – 20 years if I’m lucky
    • But I will say, it sure hasn’t helped it any!


  • I could blame it on the dictionary…how many times have we heard this…“Look it up in the dictionary!”
    • I’m still trying to find phone under the “F”s
    • And Psycho under the “S”s
    • I’m just saying……


  • I could blame it on how lazy we are as a country
    • I’m pretty sure having 26 letters in the alphabet allows for a gazillion (just saw a red squiggly by the way) …a gazillion combination of letters to create new words
    • Is there a reason we have so many words that sound the same but are spelled differently?
      • Do we really need – there, their, and they’re?
        • Even when offering sympathy we can’t really go, there, their, they’re….


  • I could blame it on my Honor’s Classes
    • Yes, I’ll admit it. I was an Honor’s student my whole 18 years.
      • GATE, MGM, HONOR’s, whatever the name was in each district or level, I had them
    • Or as I like to think of it, I was the stupidest smart kid in my class
      • Why? I really hate studying
    • In Honors they taught me how to read. Not spell. Sorry, it’s true.
      • Probably why I hate reading so much as well now that I think about it.

Yes, I could blame it on all of the items above. But the reality is, it probably is a combination of it all. Plus sprinkle in the fact that I am just not fascinated with words and language like some folks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Scrabble or Words for Friends game. But my reality is, I read so fast my mind knows what it is Suppose to be reading and not necessarily what was typed or hand written.

I bet most of you do too.

Read this….

Ok, by a show of hands…

How many of your read – A Bird in the Bush?

Now, how many of you read A Bird in the the Bush?

Some of you are still reading the same….I’ll wait for those folks to catch on…..


OK, I’m out of time. My point is this….

Sorry I’m not a great speller, but let’s face it, in some cases (not all) spelling might be a little over rated.

Oh yea, and please Spelling Police…..Don’t attack me!  


This is a humor blog……I was trying to be funny….

Plus I fixed all my read red squiggly lines!



~~~till we laugh again~~~

Love Beats Butt Crack!


Wow, who would have thought? 


We all watch our stats and look at the most popular posts.

For months my #1 viewed post has been Crack is Whack, Especially Butt Crack but yesterday, it was getting smoked! Yep, Love (The Love Keeps A Coming) is Kicking its butt!!! (pun intended).

I have always been fascinated by what drives people to the posts. I know some of you purposely use certain words to “help” folks stumble onto your blog. I have for the most part stayed away from this (although it will not be beneath me, I just need to think more creatively).

I just thought this was funny….I’m sure some of my fellow bloggers will find this funny as well….

Do you have any of these funny trends? Share….


~~~till we laugh again~~~