Love Beats Butt Crack!


Wow, who would have thought? 


We all watch our stats and look at the most popular posts.

For months my #1 viewed post has been Crack is Whack, Especially Butt Crack but yesterday, it was getting smoked! Yep, Love (The Love Keeps A Coming) is Kicking its butt!!! (pun intended).

I have always been fascinated by what drives people to the posts. I know some of you purposely use certain words to “help” folks stumble onto your blog. I have for the most part stayed away from this (although it will not be beneath me, I just need to think more creatively).

I just thought this was funny….I’m sure some of my fellow bloggers will find this funny as well….

Do you have any of these funny trends? Share….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

31 thoughts on “Love Beats Butt Crack!

  1. terry1954

    for me it is the opposite. i gain more people, but stats are below what they used to be. i worry, and then that worry goes into my writings. other bloggers tell me it is the warm weather, but i don’t know. maybe it is just me, maybe my writing is not as well liked as before

        1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

          Just relax, be you, write about the things that inspire you, drive you nuts, etc. I think from what I’ve seen, people connect to you more when you continue to show the variety that is you.

          You have many sides of you that people come back to see.


  2. Finally... Wendy Wanders

    Oh my… just when I finish beating myself up for having a few extra chips… ok twice the serving size… I see this pic. I don’t know if I should feel better about my bummy or terrified that’s what I’m headed for! Ha – as always… thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

  3. Jim Maher

    I just wonder how dude doesn’t know his entire crack, the whole crack, and nothing but the crack, is free to the wind? That must be one hell of a breeze going on up there.

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