Would You Eat These?

Since I’m on a theme of cakes this week. I thought I’d visit my friend Google to find a few interesting cakes people have made. While tolling I found some that were interesting, some were way cool, and some were just plain sick.

I’m about to start another long day, I thought I’d give you a few that jumped out and were begging for some sarcasm.   😀


The Ultimate Ice Cream Cake

If I would have got this as a kid, my head would have exploded! Yummm

I’m pretty sure this we all know how this marriage will end

Mom, can you fix my shirt while you eat?

I don’t want to eat it as a cake either! Ick

Now this one is just plain sick.. LOL

Used Cigarette Butts, just makes you want to dive in!

Ok, this is cute, but honestly, how cannibalistic would you feel eating it?


Ok, finished my conference call, now off to the shower, then off to make more cakes….. I’ll check in here and there….Have a great day everyone!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Would You Eat These?

  1. buckwheatsrisk

    until i saw all the pics, i would have said cake is cake, yum! but…there are a couple there that just wouldn’t feel right to dive into! baby, cigarette butts,rat?? why? why? there has to be a story behind these or they are sick! lol

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    Ok here’s a cake story for you! A friend of ours once had a joint birthday party for her husband and my husband whose birthdays were on the same day, and they got a very interesting cake. She is very very well endowed in the chest department while I am not, so they got a cake with two sets of boobs on it (one huge, one small). It was hilarious especially when we got a picture of them biting into the cake. The guys will never forget that birthday!! 🙂

  3. pouringmyartout

    There was a YouTube thing of somebody cutting one of those baby cakes… through the head… it was creepy… it wiggled and… uh…
    The rat is awesome. I would eat that… even though I like rats… some of my best friends are rats…
    But no more eating cake, it makes your digits change color… and your innards…

  4. kinetikat

    Yeah, my immediate thought on the baby cake was… where would you cut it? Which bit would people ask for? “Save me the face!” Ack, nooo. Scorpion cake, on the other hand… looks like an awesome ratio of icing to cake. Could taste good. Save me the stinger!

  5. Pink Ninjabi

    Love this post! And um, now I’m totally craving both ice cream cake and regular cake. Thanks a lot! 😀

    Although that scorpion and rat cake did help to curb my appetite. 😀


  6. pouringmyartout

    Oh Tammy, my love, you might want to go to my new post and see what you caused. I put 3 links to your site because that is how much I care… The post is called ‘makin’ meat babies’, and we owe it all to you.

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