Sunday Funnies Edition 4

Sunday Funnies!!! Yahoooo….

The time I time to take a few minutes and help you laugh a little…

These are some I saw through the week that made me chuckle, hope they do you as well….

This one makes me laugh so much!  

Is it me, or does it look like she can’t find it?

Yep, they join you!

I’ve read some of your blogs…you know who you are  😉

And she loves it! (ice cream works too!)

Just don’t hit the delete button!

Hope you liked these…. I know he did!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

20 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies Edition 4

  1. crubin

    These were all great, but I especially loved the quack one. Although the urinal pics are hilarious, too. Thanks for some good laughs. I’m going to go retweet this post now. 🙂

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