Sunday Funnies 3rd Edition

Yahoo, everyone’s favorite lazy day! Even for us non~normal folks.Β 

And since our theme has been about being unique and ourselves, why not dedicate our funnies to the theme?

First a few sayings that fit our thoughts:

Now on the one above, I wonder how many get it? Β  πŸ˜‰

I so want this necklace

It would go nice with this shirt

No kidding, especially when trying to go undetected

My kind of pup! I want him!

LOL, this one just makes me smile

How us “non normal” folks look to the poor “normal” folks


So as we bring our week of embracing our “non normalness” to a close…

Thank you for sharing with the world, how proud you are of Not Being Normal! Β πŸ˜€

Check out this post I did last year called Y B Normal?Β Β 

I think most of you can relate


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies 3rd Edition

          1. robincoyle

            Portland doesn’t allow people from California to play. They say they “pretend” it rains there all the time to keep us Californians out. If it doesn’t rain all the time, why the heck is it so bloody green there (foliage, not eco-sense).

  1. benzeknees

    I want a necklace too! That is soooooo my style! Maybe we could make it a club thing – the necklace? It could be like a secret sign or something. We all wear them under our clothes & when you meet another club member you discreetly show your necklace so they know they are among club members.

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