She Really Needed That Big Mac NOW!!

People crack me up. If I’m looking for laughs, I really don’t have to go far. Human nature gives me some of my best laughs each day.

Take today for example. Well, today’s example happens all the time and I just shake my head each time.

I thought I’d be nice and pick up one of those 20 piece nugget deals for the kid that is working right now for her and I to share. No biggie. So I head to the McDonald’s around the corner. Our McDonald’s is only a few years old, so it has that new dual drive thru they are putting in every where.

The trick to these dual drive thru’s is to almost always take the outside lane. The way they are built, actually allows for the two cars vs one since there is the extra gap to pull around. Thus allowing outside lane people to order faster.

Now, you don’t have to like this fact, but it is what it is and I take full advantage of this. But some folks are either upset by this injustice in the world, or they just want that damn Big Mac and can’t wait. Personally I think it is because they didn’t think of it first.

So even though you clearly ordered your food first, they feel it still should be a I go, you go scenario. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the inside works. The poor kid at the register has you in the order you ORDERED.

So these folks now get to the window, and if they aren’t paying attention, they pay for your food and then possibly pick up your food. I have had this happen several times. How lame can you be?

You just ordered 4 big macs, 3 fries and sodas…. did you really think your order was only $5.75???

The hard part for me is, driving the Pink Truck and it screaming my local business all over it, I have to be nice. Sure I shake my head, but yelling out “Are you really that stupid?! Would probably be bad for business. Don’t ya think?

So there I sit. Smiling. Laughing at how this woman felt the need to almost hit my truck to prevent me from getting ahead of her in the single file portion of our lane. Then smile at me as if she didn’t mean to do it. I just smile and nod back.

As long as there are people in the world, I will have plenty to laugh at each day.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “She Really Needed That Big Mac NOW!!

  1. buckwheatsrisk

    well now i am hungry for McDonalds…thanks for that! i’m thinking you could throw ice cream at them, it would distract them long enough for you to get by and get your order and they wouldn’t see who did it because they have ice cream in their eyes…just make sure if you are going to do that, that you don’t waste the winter white chocolate! 😉

  2. benzeknees

    We have a dual lane at our local McDonalds & I have never seen a mix up yet. I often take the inside lane, but I guess I just watch to see who orders first so I go into the line behind the person who has already ordered. I have seen people cut other people off to get into the lanes so they can order first, but then they wait like everyone else to get the correct food. It is kinda funny watching people jockeying for position! I try never to go at peak times, so I don’t have to fight for my food, kinda turns me off!

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