Nooooooooo! Not Her Toooooo!!!

First, I’m not taking about my laptop. That is still waiting for its surgery which was postponed until tomorrow.

I’m talking about something just as devastating. (ok, not really, but it still stings)

Now, before you keep reading, I suppose I’m suppose to be nice and tell you SPOILER ALERT…..

Oh, I guess you need to know what I’m spoiling don’t you?

No silly, not the milk….  Geeshh, some of you…. I’m telling you….  😉

No, my spoiler alert is for DWTS…. or Dancing With the Stars for you rookies.

First I lost my Skyler on American Idol and now this…. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Not my Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love her.   sniffle sniffle…..

She not only dances great, but I love her personality. And that laugh, too funny.

But it’s my fault. I know it is. Yep, I’m a non-voter. I’m so sorry Maria Menounos. I failed you.

At least Kim won Survivor, so I’m at least 1 out of 3 for the ones I feel really should win. Oh wait, Amazing Race the right couple won. As for the Voice, yea, I was bummed Juliet didn’t win. Hmm, maybe I’m having a worse week than I thought. If Arseno wins next week’s Apprentice I may just have to give up on Reality shows. The more I think about it, the wrong person won Biggest Loser too (Dang Jeremy).

Maybe it’s not me. Maybe the Reality world is upside down.

Ok, I’m tired and Reality Show rambling…. so I best end this torture for you all.

I’m off to ball myself up in the corner and suck my thumb.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


0 thoughts on “Nooooooooo! Not Her Toooooo!!!

  1. mommyhelmic

    I was right on Voice. I too was sad about Skylar but my other favorite is still there, just hope it is not Phillips. That guy is creepy. I agree about apprentice too. I would prefer Clay win but it won’t surprise me if he doesn’t. I love that Lisa call to donate to Clay.

  2. izzy327

    G.G. kiddo. lol watch the Grim of Story book. I am ssooooo over the reality shows. I watched all of D.W.T.S. and couldn’t have told you a thing, I look, listen and just tune out somehow. So maybe it’s not you, but me? Oh well!!!

  3. photosfromtheloonybin

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL – just about spewed my cereal this morning you had me laughing so hard!!! Calm down and take a deep breath. The best of the best – Big Brother – starts on July 12th. Now that will be good for some laughs!

  4. crubin

    I forgot to check who got voted off DWTS (I don’t watch the elimination show), so I’m happy you posted it. But I’m also surprised she was the one to go–I believe she had the highest score, didn’t she? But they are all really good, so next week should be fun. DWTS is the only reality show I watch, but it’s hard to resist, what with all of those pretty people and the great music. 🙂

  5. benzeknees

    I agree with you about Maria on DWTS!!! The No could have been heard around our whole neighborhood! She was my favorite to win! She was a great dancer! Now I’m hoping for Katherine the singer.

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