Look to Where U R Going

Serious Tammy for a moment…

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and had to save it for here. Many of my readers have gone through some really tough times. We have all had our fair share but some have been dealt some really rough hands.

I write my blog to help others have a moment in their day to laugh or smile. Many of you know that.

There is another side of me that really tries to help offer inspiration to others and to help them see the good that is often missed in the confusion, pain, hurt, anger, you name it.

We are funny creatures. We latch on to the negative. We do this sometimes to help us get better. To find those weaknesses and move forward and improve.

Yet some hold on to the negative not thinking they are “worthy” of the positive or good things. Usually due to some assholes in their past that told them this garbage.

I find inspiration each day from many of you that are courageous to share your story. While you may not have intended to help others, you do with each post, each comment.

Today I wanted to borrow the saying above and remind each of you (and myself on occasion) that we need to always look at how far we have come, not always at how far we have left to go. Celebrate along the journey. Even a step forward is better than no step at all. And yes, two steps forward are still better even if we have to take one step back at the same time. Sometimes we forget that.

Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope I can continue to help along the way….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

41 thoughts on “Look to Where U R Going

  1. writerwannabe763

    Yes ….I write about the past a lot and things I wrote back when I was going through depression and other things because I can look back and see just how far I have come…Diane

  2. chlost

    You are right. It is easier to see what lies ahead than to look behind. I also agree that laughter is often the key to getting through tough times. My husband has a saying that has gotten us through a lot: of bad situations: “Just think of how we’ll laugh about this in five years”. We almost always do.

  3. habibadanyal

    tammy adams!! what a beautiful post. 🙂 cheers to you for spreading the smiles. I know its after a long time that I am commenting, but mate, I had my exams. But now that I am free, your post was a treat. 🙂
    love and hugs.

  4. pouringmyartout

    Oh, gee, thanks, Dr. Phil. If we need people to make us feel better about our crappy lives, we will pay complete strangers to let us lie on their couches while we tell them out troubles. People with training and degrees from actual colleges where they teach them how to deal with the pond scum that haunts our every waking moment….
    (Nah, I am totally messing with you. I love you. You are sweet and kind and caring, and we need you in our lives. Thanks for a great post. I look forward to your cheer and humor everyday. And to be honest, I am a lucky guy. I have never faced overwhelming trauma or hardship. I am deeply moved by people who get up every day and face real problems. They humble me, in a good way… Sorry if the opening lines caused you to feel any anger. That was a cheap shot. Unless you are laughing now, and then I will be more happy than you could know)…

  5. Pink Ninjabi

    A most touching post as it made my eyes water at how many a-holes I have met that told me to believe in otherwise about myself. Thank you sooo much for your incredibly impactful post. A deep comfort to my heart. Thank you. *Sniffle, sniffle.


          1. tammyehoney

            Or a normal life in school or college lol…nothing monogrammed in my life lol…perhaps that is why I make so much for my uniquely named grand children lol

  6. benzeknees

    Today you’re philosophical & I’m patting my self on the back in my post (which you will see in a couple days because I’m still behind). Thanks for the reminder!

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