I’ll Miss You Bingo Dauber

Our Bingo Dauber

A few months ago I wrote a post about my Bingo Dauber, my 14-year-old black lap. (My Bingo Dauber Should Have Been a Shadow).  I spoke about how for years she followed me every where. Yes, even into the bathroom. If I moved more than 3 feet, she goes with me.

For 14 years she has met me at the door when I came home.

I wrote about how we knew her time with us was slowly coming to an end. Walking for her became more and more difficult. She could barely push-off her hind legs to stand up.

Last night she couldn’t stand at all. No matter how hard she tried. I stayed up with her all night making sure she could drink, she could go to the bathroom, etc. If I tried to move that three feet, she would try to scoot to me if she couldn’t stand.

I would lift her hind legs, to get her up, then she could walk a few feet. But then she would sit once again. Her and I did this all night long ~~ 2am, 5am, 7am, the time ticked away. My little girl was not feeling well and I was wanted to be there for her.

The hardest thing over the past few months has been knowing that mentally she was still feeling like a spry little pup. Her body however, has had different plans.

As we lifted her dead weight of 89 lbs into the car so we could take her to the vet, my heart was heavy as I knew deep down what was probably going to happen.

The doctor confirmed that while other medicines might help relieve the pain, her hind legs were too atrophied and she would probably never stand or walk again.


Today, we laid our Bingo Dauber to Rest. She no longer is in pain. She is running around and doing all the things she loved for so many years.

Through our sadness we will hold on to the love, the laughter, the great memories we have had over the past 14 years. As you know, even when you know the time is coming, you always feel you have a few more months.

Those of you that read my blog, know this is usually the spot where I spring some joke or “gotcha” moment. I wish that was the case today. I wish my baby was still here. But today I had to let her go….

We will miss you Bingo …. but we know you are no longer in pain and you are running like you use too. When we think of you we will always smile at the great memories we had together.

We also know you will always be in our hearts and you will be the first one to greet us when we cross to the other side years from now.

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  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    I definitely can’t click on the “like” button today. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful puppy. I know that there is nothing I can say to take away your pain because losing a pet that you have been that close to is like losing a family member. All that I can say is that you did the right thing. I hate when people keep a pet alive even when they know they are in pain. Bingo is at peace now and will always be in your memories!! I’m sending you a big, huge hug.

  2. robincoyle

    I just can’t hit the “like” because I know the pain you feel. Plus, my eyes are filled with tears and I can’t see the “like” button. I am so, so, so, so, sorry. What a sweet girl she was. I want to sob.

  3. writerwannabe763

    My heart goes out to you….it is such a necessary but painful thing to happen…We have had 8 pets, and only have our little Lhasa left…May you find comfort ..not right away with memories but eventually…Diane

  4. buckwheatsrisk

    oh my goodness i am so so sorry! i just found out last night that my dog has something serious and scarey going on…well i just found out last night it was serious. so i am taking him to the vet tomorrow…my heart goes out to you, virtual hugs. prayers.
    i hope you are surrounded by those you love tonight.

  5. Finally... Wendy Wanders

    Awww… I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs do find such a special place in our hearts. I’m sure it has to do with the unconditional love they give us. Sounds like she has a great life and you gave her as much as she gave you. Remember the good times 😉

  6. izzy327

    Your post was beautiful baby, I am sure somehow someway Bingo heard you. As I told Micelle, she is up there running around in the spring grass, chasing butterflies, and watching over the three of you now. She knew you loved her, took great care of her, Tia must be missing her, so give her extra hugs and talk to her, she will understand even if you don’t think you speak dog. She speaks Tammy. xoxoxo mom

  7. Pink Ninjabi

    A loving post for a loving memory of one who touches our hearts with humor, and remembrance of what’s important. May you be joined in heaven with lovely pastures, green grass, and delicious foods. My heart goes out to you for your missing of a companion whom I’m sure, give you that extra pep in your step. Hugzzzzz with kittehzzzzz..


      1. Pink Ninjabi

        Awww.. it will take time, at least 21 days to get use to it, but yes, one can never be the same again, may loving memories of your friend lift you up as much as you have lifted her. 😀


  8. Gina

    I just found your blog through “pouringmyartout” and I am heartbroken for you. My 13.75 year old chocolate lab sits right next to me suffering similarly to Bingo. It’s hard to know what to do or when. Just keeping her comfortable now. RIP Bingo

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      I will tell you it is one of the hardest decisions. Knowing that they are in pain yet seeing in their eyes they are the same as they have always been. You so want to make them better yet their bodies have turned against them.

      All I can say is, I’ve known for the past 6 months the day would come. The knowledge helps when you must decide, even when the heart doesn’t want to.

      I just wanted her surrounded by love and if I brought her home, odds where no one might be around and I definitely didn’t want that.

      I’ll be here if you ever have any questions or need a sholder

  9. Dotty Headbanger

    Dear Brick,

    Oh, this is so sad, Tammy, heartbreaking to lose a best friend. I was born when my mum and dad’s black labrador, Blackie, was 6 months old and we grew up together – he died when we were 13 in exactly the same way as Bingo Dauber, his back legs went. Big hugs and love.

    Love Dotty xxx

  10. Devina

    I’m sorry to hear about Bingo. The best of friends never truly leave us, always there with us forever. I’m sure she’s watching down at you from doggy heaven, happy because you loved her *Hugs*

  11. benzeknees

    So, so sorry Tammy. You know I was in your situation almost exactly a year ago with my beloved Bandit. So now Bandit has Lizzie (my daughter’s dog who passed away suddenly from lymphoma a couple months before him) & Bingo to play with in Doggie Heaven. Bandit loved to play & run with other dogs, so I’m sure Bingo is having a ball with him!

  12. J. A. Robinson

    Tammy, my condolances. We had to have our cat “Freckles” put to sleep this year after she had been a cherished companion for 19 years. Our dog, Holly, is really slowing down at age 11. It’s so sad that they don’t share our life span!

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