Driving Someone Nuts! Oh the Fun!

I love driving someone nuts… Let’s face it, for some, it’s not really a far drive. 

Sometimes you just have to say the right thing, sometimes do something small, or something as little as just disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. Some people poke people. I’m not a poker. That hurts……………………….my finger….


Someone posted the above picture on Facebook and I had to “Share” on my page.

(for the record, that creature in the corner is a little disturbing tho)

Where was I? Oh yea….

So I posted that only to find what I thought was my little secret really wasn’t.  LOL… Turns out many already suspected this.

One friend even thought of me immediately before realizing I was the one who posted it.

Hmmmmm….. Being that I’ve known her for over 20 years (OMG I feel old now)…I think as Lady Gaga would say… I Was Born This Way….

Like I always say, I love to laugh. I can’t help it if you people provide me hours of entertainment. On slow days sometimes I have to help it along. So I irritate you to stir things up. It helps me laugh, and normally the others laugh that are around to witness the irritation.

So see, I’m providing a service. I’m a good Samaritan. A regular Laughing Ambassador.

Do any of you do this?

Would any of you admit to doing this?

Oh hell, just go do this……..


Well, maybe not that, but go irritate others just for fun today.

It’s ok. I’ll give you permission.

Plus you can blame me.


~~~~till we laugh again~~~

22 thoughts on “Driving Someone Nuts! Oh the Fun!

  1. mommyhelmic

    I can’t believe you would be surprised that people know this about you. Having lived my entire life on the receiving end of your love of getting a rise out of people; I think I am more than qualified to say you have it down to an art. However, it is you have been your whole life and if you stopped we would all think something is wrong with you.

  2. Everyday Tangents

    I have this thing called “The Dirty Toes Dance”: It’ where I dip my toes in the pile of dirt my mom has just swept up, step out of her reach and the brooms reach and dance around singing “Dirty toes! Dirty toes! Dirty toes!” and then take off giggling as my mom yells at me…but it’s ok because she laughs too.

  3. buckwheatsrisk

    I just tried to irritate my Hubby to which he said “you know i don’t like it when you do that right?” to which i said “that’s why it’s called irritation.” i actually got a little laugh out of him which made me laugh, both at the opportunity to irritate him and his laugh!

  4. benzeknees

    You & I need to get together – I owe Hobbling Around a surprise attack for what she did on April Fool’s Day & I can’t come up with any great ideas. You probably have a ton of ideas on how to get back at someone for fooling you. Care to share or participate?

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