A Few Thoughts as We Head into Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. All across the land people will be giving their mom’s Happy Mother’s Day cards or possibly be receiving them. They might also include flowers, stuffed animals or a nice brunch or dinner.  Thanking their mom’s for being the Best Mom a kid could ever have.

Some folks will not be celebrating this tradition as they have either lost their mother or maybe their memories are not those warranting gifts of appreciation for the hell their moms put them through.

I’m not sure any mom is perfect. Sure you have the extremes. The TV perfect moms who do everything right; who raise perfect children, creating perfect memories. Then the other extreme of abusive and downright mean moms who inflict pain on their “evil” spawn.

I like to think there are more of the first extreme than the second, but sadly that probably isn’t the case.

The good news is, most moms probably fall in the middle. They aren’t perfect but they try their best given the current situation at any given time. They love their children no matter how much they drive them nuts and they might want to murder them. They sing to their kids even if they can’t carry a tune and they tell them “no” even when they may want to say yes.

Through the course of any day, most moms will be loved and hated by their children depending on the hour.

When those children grow up, their mom will be responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to them in their life. Yet, those same “adults” wouldn’t change their mom for any other mom.

We are a funny species.

Yet, as Mother’s Day roars in this year, everyone is forced to say, “Dang, I love and appreciate my mom.”  We make that trek to Walgreen’s for her card, standing there trying to find the perfect one since we don’t say it to her the other 364 days of the year.

We created a day for everyone to slow down a moment and thank the woman who kisses their ouchies, the woman who was mean when they couldn’t go out with their friends, the one who took away their toys when they were bad, and the woman who they ran to when they were scared and needed protection.

It really begs the question….

Why do we wait until Mother’s Day to appreciate the person who tried their hardest to be the best mother they could?

I love ya Ma….

And I know that no matter what good or bad happened in my childhood, I was and will always be grateful for how hard you tried. 

0 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts as We Head into Mother’s Day

  1. writerwannabe763

    You’re right that most mothers likely fall somewhere in the middle …not perfect but not bad….I guess that’s what most including myself strive for…we know we’re not perfect but we try to do the right thing in our opinion to try and do the ‘best’ that we can for our kids!…Diane

  2. Pink Ninjabi

    I really love how realistic your post is as I tend to feel nauseated by the amount of overcheer for this holiday season. It’s like come on, really? Am I the only one who knows the ups and downs of my childhood? You totally confirmed I’m normal, and so is my mom, whom really did try her very best.

    With many thanks!


      1. Pink Ninjabi

        HAHAH.. yes! Absolutely! Your post inspired mine called ‘smother’s day’ as it definitely has mixed emotions, which, for me, I choose the strengths I benefited in such a mixed up childhood. 😀 Hugs to you!!! And thank you again.

  3. benzeknees

    I hate standing in the card aisle trying to find a card to fit my mother. We don’t have a gushy, gushy relationship (too much hurt under the bridge), but we love each other. I remember saying to my mother a few years back “Why don’t I remember any hugs or laughing memories?” My mom answered “Because you pushed us away.” I don’t think there would have been anything my daughter could have done where she wouldn’t have known my arms were ready & aching to hug her. But maybe in my own way, at a young age before I had the verbal skills to say what I meant, I was trying to say I can’t hug you & kiss you when you hurt me. I don’t really know.

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      Kids are very intuitive, so you might have.

      My mom was great, I was just wired a weird and never was a hugger. I’m also not the mushy type. So I struggle with all those mushy cards.

      No matter the reason, you did what you did because it is what felt right at the time. 😀

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