5 Reasons You MUST Go See Avengers ~ Yes, Even YOU

I know what some of you are thinking. “I don’t like Comic Book Movies”. Let me tell you, this is more than a Comic Book Movie!

I “like” a lot of movies. I even find myself occasionally “really liking” a movie. But rarely do I fall in “LOVE” with a movie. I only say I LOVE a movie once in a blue moon. I think people way over rate many movies out there. I promise never to do that to you. I’m a tough critic on movie Love.


By far one the best freaking movie I’ve seen. Definitely top 5, maybe higher.  You will not regret your decision. I’m not going to do a movie review. Others do a way better job than I. But I will share my five reasons those of you who don’t think you want to see the movie, why you should.

Here is why (in no particular order)

1.  Avengers is more than a comic book movie – You do not need to be a superhero fan to watch this movie. This movie falls into the group of movies that make you feel good. The type that makes your heart warm when people triumph over adversity. You feel good the whole movie. If you did like comics as a kid, then it makes it just that much better. But definitely not a requirement.

2. Non stop action from beginning to end.  One of the few movies that truly need to be seen on  the big screen – Few movies are must see on the big screen. This is one of them. The action scenes are fantastic. Done big. And explosive. You don’t need to see in 3D (we didn’t) and trust me, you get a great experience. It truly is non stop. You are engaged from beginning to the end. I promise.

3. You don’t have to have seen the other movies ~ If you didn’t get a chance to see the other movies they put out prior to this one, don’t worry. You do not have to see them. I had seen Iron-man and Hulk, but not Thor or Capt America. I do not feel it hurt my viewing pleasure. Do not let this stop you. If anything, it has made me want to go watch them now.

4. You will laugh your ass off! – Ok, the biggest surprise. This movie is freaking hilarious. Not funny bad, but sarcastic one liners, great banter between the characters. I laughed my ass off the whole movie. Josh Whedon wrote a fantastic screenplay. Even if you aren’t a great fan of action movies, the comedy is spot on. I laughed so hard!

5. Finally ~ This guy…..

Every good movie has a scene stealer, and in this movie it is by far Hulk. He has two of the best scenes in the movie that leaves the audience cheering and yelling. Yes, the entire theater is  hooting and hollering and clapping in unison. Not many movies do that. I’ve only been in a handful of movies that cause an audience to cheer. The Hulk is worth seeing the movie alone for.


Like I said.



I promise you will feel great when you watching and when done. I promise it is worth the $6 – $10 you will pay to go see it.


Have you seen it yet? Did you love it? No Spoilers… only innuendos so we don’t ruin it for anyone….


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “5 Reasons You MUST Go See Avengers ~ Yes, Even YOU

  1. Devina

    Now that you’ve given me reason I’ll be seeing is ASAP!!! But in some twisted way I feel I’ll somehow be letting down Robert (letting down Downey get it? … bad joke) whatever, it’s too irresistible! If you’re up to it I’ll gush later how badass it all was 🙂 A sad fact: we don’t have those Marvel comic books over here in South America, maybe but I’m not too sure, but if we did I know I’d be one of those fanatics.

      1. Devina

        I finally saw it. OMG! OMG! OMG! It was pure awesomeness!!! They were all so amazing, the Hulk was hilarious!!! There was a second I thought Tony won’t make it back (that guy just cracks me up!) but then he did, like I know he would.
        There was definitely friction between our guys and Loki took advantage, but was so cool when all ’em come together in the end to bag him I was like “Oh yeah, Class A grads from the Academy of Bad-Assery, be dazzled!” That may not make any sense but I’m crazy all the same.
        I so loved the banter I laughed my butt off! Bad-ass I tell you, great stuff! I have to get my hands on Captain America (Heavens no, not in that way! Then again … lol) and Iron Man 1 and 2 soon, I’m watching Avengers again, they better come up with a sequel soon. Thanks, Tammy, you gave the nudge that make me go and watch it 😀

      1. photosfromtheloonybin

        OMG, that was the most amazing movie!! This was what I chose to do for Mother’ Day weekend with my husband and kids, and nothing could have been better!! The humour was incredible, and Thor is just as hot as ever!!!

  2. izzy327

    Everything you said was “spot on” my darling. My only negative thought and maybe because I have an ear infection is it was a little loud for me. That or I’m getting like my Mother in my old age. (and you better not be laughing at that. !! <3 <3 <3

  3. benzeknees

    My hubby loves this type of movie, I rarely watch them. Sometimes I come in during the movie & sit down & watch the last half, but rarely. I’ll let him know you really liked it!

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