Is your Blogging Email Box Blowing up?

Not funny, but if you are a blogger having this problem, I thought I’d pass this along.

However, I notice you still have to keep not checking that box. Plus on one of the emails, click unsubscribe and the page it takes you to, click them all then cancel them.

Hope they fix this soon. Crazy…

0 thoughts on “Is your Blogging Email Box Blowing up?

  1. writerwannabe763

    Another blogger just today also found out about word press automatically checking the box…funny thing though is I thought you had to check that box or you wouldn’t receive the reply comment from the blogger you were making the comment on…I really did learn something …now I just have to remember…Thanks very much I was thinking I HAD to get all the comments from other people!!! .Diane

      1. writerwannabe763

        It’s mememe again,, I have not been checking or unchecking the ‘notify me… box” but I was not receiving replies from comments that I made so I thought I’ll go and ‘edit’ the blogs I follow and put check marks to send comments via email thinking I would only get ones I had made but no…now I’m getting them all again…How do I get replies from comments only I make and not all the other ones…’I’m sooooo confused”…I think my ‘little gray cells are shrinking faster than I thought”….Diane

      1. Dotty Headbanger

        Dear Brick,

        I didn’t realise you could unsubscribe from the comments, I thought unsubscribing meant Unfollow and I didn’t want to Unfollow anyone. DUH! So I could have STOPPED all the emails!!! Idiot. I wouldn’t bother sharing my brain cell again any time soon, it’s obviously defective. 🙄

        Love Dotty xxx

        1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

          Yea, at the bottom of one of those emails, you can unsubscribe to Comments you Follow.

          Just be careful, there are two types. Comments people make on your page and ones that people keep making on pages you made a comment too.

          So make sure it is an email to someone else’s pages comments that you click, not one of your own.

  2. Mooselicker

    Yes!!! Same problem with me. I tried going back and unclicking the boxes but some of them don’t have a box. I was so excited to see I had 62 emails. I figured someoen semi-famous Tweeted my blog and I could just sit in my underwear for the rest of my life blogging.

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