To Comment or Not to Comment…That is the question

Most people think of March as Award season, but for me, it must be April. After all, we are just hitting the half way mark and I’m getting another shout out. However, this one might surprise some.
PouringMyArtOut has bestowed on me the Best Commenter Award.

Now, when one first reads the Title of the Award, you think “Wow, someone really enjoys what I have to say. They think I make the greatest comments!”

But nooooo. This Dodisharkicorn (??) is awarded to your top 5 commenters. Basically the top 5 people who make comments on your blog via your stats.

Then I got to thinking. How did I get such a wonderful award. God knows I hate talking. Then again, I hate reading and I hate writing yet here I am writing a blog, reading other’s blogs and apparently talking to them too. Oh no, another sign that I’m “maturing”.

STOP! the MADNESS!   I don’t want to grow up!

Then again, I’m pretty sure most of my comments are pretty smart ass in nature or going for a laugh. My Achilles heel. Always wanting a laugh. And with Mr Pouringmyartout it is easy to do this. He is a fellow smarty pants and let’s face it, a little off his rocker. Don’t believe me? Check him out.

But, being the good sport I am, I’m going to accept his award, accept the fact that I think he suckers me in by engaging in dialog with me trying to outwit me.  😀

So let’s just cut the sarcasm, and head into the homework (why must all these “awards” come with sooooo much homework?) Don’t they realize people wouldn’t panic if they got “nominated” if it didn’t involve so much work?

But I digress…. So here are the rules, which I cut and pasted so I hope he had them right… LOL

  • Accept Dodisharkicorn award and display it proudly in your widget sidebar.   (not going in the side bar, but I will paste on this page and award page)
  • Find your Top Five Commenters on your Stats page and present them with the award.  If they really comment that frequently, you shouldn’t need to tag them because they’ll see it anyway.  It’s just polite to link to their blog, though. (I know some folks who are quivering in fear right now)
  • Answer the following questions and pass them on to your Top Five Commenters. (who made up these questions? what are their qualifications?)

The Questions

  1. What is your third favorite color? The question assumes I like more than one. Hmm. Depending on my mood my top three are blue, black & orange (orange since I spent 22 years of my life looking at it everyday)
  2. Would you rather be:  a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch?  Choose ONE. One of my nephew’s head would explode if he had to decide between Star Wars and Pokeman… Hmm, I’d do the whole Wizard/Witch route. Way more fun being in Harry Potter world
  3. Who is your favorite Doctor? Dr Pepper
  4. Can you whistle? Only if I’m not chewing Crackers….Don’t believe me, try it
  5. Would you name your child Sirius Albus? Nope, not even Laughing Dumbledore
  6. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Laugh at your Everyday Life…. Doesn’t always make it better, but it helps you make it through it
  7. Do you own a lawnmower? Use too, but hard to mow dirt
  8. Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy? Is this that Elfy guy in Lord of the Rings??? I’m not that big of a nerd (although I did painstakingly listen to all the books and watch the films….why??………So I could say I did)
  9. What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Should we cover it for Trashy Tuesday? Waste Management on the back of the truck I was following

Whew, ok, I survived part one of the homework.

Now for part two. Who do I torture?? Hmmm.  I’ve already picked on my top commenters in the past so I won’t torture them again. But I will torture I mean pass along the award to those 5 that commented last…..  😀

My #1 commenter good for a few barbs a week is Pouringmyartout who initially tortured me bestowed on my this fine award. But he has gotten too much press out of this whole thing already and we can’t have his head sweel anymore than it already is.   😀

Those I’m torturing (if you decide to take the challenge )– blame him… LOL…..

Since this is all in fun, and passing on links for you to check out…Up to you if you want to play. My feelings don’t get hurt. ALthough the Dodisharkicorn might haunt you in your sleep and personally, I wasn’t going to risk it.

Award season is closed for the rest of the month. If I get anymore, I’ll put them in the spare bedroom until I can unbox them. I love the shout outs. But the homework is killing me and my typing fingers hurt. So all the patting myself on the back must be put on hold. Need to rest my arm.

Tomorrow we will tackle…..Hmmm….. not sure yet. But tune in, I’m sure it will be good!

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

0 thoughts on “To Comment or Not to Comment…That is the question

  1. buckwheatsrisk

    torture is more the word, and i guess i need to ease up on my commenting…LOL thank you i think, but really i’m not sure, as i feel the way you do! i do have to say i love you’re humour!…i may have to think about what to do with this, and thinking could make my head explode especially mixed with this torture…i mean award. i do have to say my curiousioty is now going to take me to the blog that, tortured…i mean honoured you!

  2. Ann Marquez

    Congrats once again! 😉 I’m in the G.W.-John Mayer-Rick Perry catagory of being “comment challenged” or “comment impaired,” but sometimes I can’t help myslef [like now] and I’ll post a comment [despite the inevitable bout of comment remorse.] Most of the time I prefer to leave a “like” to support a fellow blogger, but since I found out about this thing called “trollers” I can’t get that image of becoming a Troll out of my mind …. HEAVY sigh … What am I to do?

      1. Ann Marquez

        WHOA ! I just googled Troller and it sounds even worse than I thought!
        Don’t worry, you can’t possibly be one 😉 RE The kind of Troller I was talking about… Read: “Yahoo! Someone thinks I’m Funny!” April 9, 2012 paragraph #4 – Laughing at Everyday Life 😉 My comment to that post is that I got this image of a Troll in my head. 😀

  3. benzeknees

    Thank you, thank you very much (flick of the hip & toss of the hand), now I have to do the homework too, eh? Figured I would show my Canadian roots for a change. You’re right I saw this before you let me know, so you don’t have to inform me. And please, please someone tell me what a troller is! Congrats BTW!

    1. tadams4u

      Home work is voluntary so that is the good news. And since trollers are those that only “like” you and run hoping you visit their site, you are safe there too. Since your engaging in conversation means you are actually reading the silly things I write. :-D.

      1. benzeknees

        But sometimes if I’m pressed for time I only Like a blog. Rarely do I only Like blogs consistently, I just don’t comment on every single blog I read (after all there are only 24 hours in the day). Does this make me a troll-in-training?

        1. tadams4u

          T in T you are. LOL. I’m like that. I only like the ones I did like. Only comment when something sparked my comment. Sometimes I will read comments on some pages and you can tell they are only there to be heard. I luck out, my commenters have been awesome. (knock on wood)

  4. habibadanyal

    thank u for the sweet torture :-D…..but the people i nominated last time wernt blackmailed enough to do the homework 😛 so i’l just giv u a shout out i guess. and keep the sweet thing all to myself!!! cheers!

  5. pouringmyartout

    Yay! You said I am crazy in such a polite way. And now that I know you hate to read and write, I take the fact that you comment so much to me as a singular honor. Oh yeah, I can feel my head swelling, in a politically correct way of course.

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