The Laughter Challenge ~~ Will You Join Me?

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted this saying….

And it really does sum up my theory on life.

Deep down we all want to laugh. But for many, they are afraid to laugh. If they laugh, they have to let go of their pain for just a moment. And if their pain is their security blanket, it makes them vulnerable if even for a split second.

But, being the butt I am, I will work hard to show them that split second of happiness.

So my challenge to each of you today is that for the next 24 hours you try to be the beacon of light, that tempter of laughter.

Yep, our goal is to help others find their smile, find that small moment of laughter. Be the person who gives them that smile that might just get them through their day.

baby smile

So my little soldiers… let’s get going…I don’t care if you do it via your blog, your Facebook, in person.

The ONLY rule is, you have to commit to lighting someone up if even for a second. And in return, I guarantee your heart will become full in return.

So Lets Go Make Someone Laugh!

By the way My Soldiers of Laughter ~~ Feel free to reblog, share, like, hit all the buttons you can to help pass along this challenge to as many people as we can…  😀

And if you are reading this in the future…the cool thing is..This doesn’t have an expiration date

~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “The Laughter Challenge ~~ Will You Join Me?

  1. crubin

    I accept your challenge, and the minute my sullen teenager gets home from school, I’ll blast LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” from my IPod and get to dancing. That usually does the trick. And it’s a good way to induce nausea too…

  2. i mayfly

    Our office Eeyore/practical jokester usually replies to my, “Good Morning” greeting with the challenge “What’s so good about it?” We banter a few minutes about silly & serious “good” stuff and then each of us goes about our day. This morning he changed it up on me and asked, “What’s so ‘morning/ mourning about it?” Gotta love a co-worker who refuses to let you take yourself too seriously or function in the world on auto-pilot.

    Think I’ll go sing the Simpson’s “Spider Pig” song to our stressed-out receptionist. 😉

      1. pouringmyartout

        Now you think I am I am doing lowbrow humor, when really all I was trying to do was give people yet another glimpse into my twisted mind through my artistic output while trying to convince people that I am not dangerously insane… sigh…

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