Pull Up Your Freaking Pants!

I’m the type of person that lets most things roll off their back. I’m like a duck. Whatever. People want to dress like fools walking in Walmart then so be it. Without them I wouldn’t get one of my favorite spam emails.

But one thing i find very disrespectful is this whole concept that your pants must be under your ass or hanging on your crotch.

Saggy AssThey are pants for a reason. To cover your ass, your crotch and legs. If you want your ass hanging out then just wear some leg warmers.

What is the point? If you have to walk around holding up your pants it seems like a pain in the butt to me. And if someone starts chasing you, its not like you can out run them without tripping.

I came across this picture and it does explain what might be going on under those long white t-shirts that I originally thought were just because these guys had really long torsos.

Now it makes sense, they are two little people giving piggy back rides!

Public outcry is happening all over the states. Public  places are now letting it known they will not service those with their pants down. I so am tempted to put this sign up at my store.

pull up your pants

But I know just the person for us to call up and see if he would be the spokesperson for pulling up your pants. 

Jaleel WhiteThen again, maybe it was this image that caused the whole sagging thing to start….hmmm


I Bring You Mr Pants Down   <<<~~~ check out this rant I did last year (don’t worry, it’s short)    😀

~~~~~~~~ Till we laugh again~~~~~~~

0 thoughts on “Pull Up Your Freaking Pants!

  1. Dienna

    I cannot stand “saggin'” (as they call it). It is so tacky and disrespectful. That’s a fashion trend that needs to die a quick and painful death.

    Speaking of Urkel, did you hear about the guy who handles the baggy pants trend at his school? It’s pretty interesting:

  2. terry1954

    i just told a young lady last night at a restaurant that i would prefer she pull her pants up. she was causing my brother to stare in a non polite way. she giggled and pulled them down further. i wanted to slap her

      1. terry1954

        i had went to the manager and complained, and he said he could do nothing about it, that he could only control his employees. i guess anything goes in this world. no one wants to be responsible

  3. The Waiting

    I love that the clip above is from my hometown. What pride I have for my birthplace. I really can’t believe sagging pants is still even “a thing.” people were walking around like idiots with their pants on the ground when I was in elementary school. One would think this trend would have played itself out by now.

  4. writerwannabe763

    EXACTLY…right on…I just can’t understand the thinking of those with the sagging pants…I mean ..why do they want their underwear showing and how can they walk not wondering if their pants are literally going to fall down….Most of the time I see them they’re in two’s or three’s …I guess that’s for ‘support” heheheh….Diane

  5. jeandayfriday

    I am hoping this saggy pants thing moving on. Where I teach, it is become few and far between. We have ropes in the office to tie up saggy pants. I told the principal that we needed hot pink glitter belts. They may make a statement! 🙂

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      Funny you say that. I threatened the kids that work for me, I was going to buy pink suspenders. They didn’t believe me. Then one day I went on ebay and bought some. One of them LOVED them, now he wears suspenders (not pink tho) and his pants are up all the time. LOL

  6. benzeknees

    I HATE this fashion more than anything I have ever disliked in my whole life before. When I run into someone wearing their pants this way I ask them if they are inviting rape. Most of them look at me like I have 2 heads. Most of them have no idea how this trend stared. I wonder if it became more public if these young people would continue to wear their pants this way?

        1. benzeknees

          I think it would be funnier if the only kind of underwear they could wear had a tail attached to the butt of their underwear, so people would know they were truly jacka—-! I really didn’t say that did I? I’m normally so nice.

  7. Devina

    It’s not only a trend in the US of A, I think it’s spreading. I’m in South America and I see these idiots with their pants on the pavement and it is so so so annoying and disgusting, I believe they saw it on the tv and tried a thing, unfortunately. I’m like “Die die DIE already!” These days fashion trends are getting out of hand, crazy stuff and there are times when I wished I grew up in the ’80s. Would it e too drastic if they made a law against pants under the ass, those idiots should be charged and stuff?

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