Hey There Ms Baskin Robbins!

Baskin Robbins Ford 150

If you are a new follower than you may not have scrolled back far enough yet to discover that in my current incarnation of a working stiff, I own a Baskin Robbins. I love it. What’s not to love? I mean, I LOVE ice cream. And if you don’t… well, you are just sick. What can I tell ya.

One of the great things about owning a Baskin Robbins is people are usually pretty happy. And if they aren’t, they want to be. That is why when we are down we grab a pint of ice cream to feel better.

(oh, you know you’ve all done this once or twice and some of you probably weekly).   😀


Living and owning the local Baskin Robbins in your little town has a whole new set of perks. Yep, I’m like a mini celebrity with the kids. And I mean mini. I’ve got nothing on Team Omizoomi

(I just learned about them and thought I’d sneak this new found knowledge in).

Just today for example, I’m going through a local drive through and a kid puts 1/2 his body out the car and turns to me and yells – BASKIN ROBBINS!! with a big thumbs up.

McDonald Arches

When I go through my local McDonald’s drive thru, they take my order and go “Hey there Ms Baskin Robbins?”  Each and every time it makes my heart smile. I know what you are thinking, “Is she really that bad at ordering the same thing each time and going every day?”    Well, yes, but that is besides the point.

They have cameras dang it!


I also get milk and bananas a couple times a week and as I walk the store, little kids point at me. Not because I’m hideous or anything, but they recognize me. “It’s the ice cream lady! they shout. I find the Baskin Robbins hat I’m wearing might give me away in the store since they don’t let my truck come inside with me. 


I’m constantly having kid’s point at me while I’m driving. Jumping up and down all excitedly. I see them begging their mom or dad to follow me to the ice cream store. The the parents trying to act like they don’t see the big pink truck so they don’t have to go.


I have all kinds of stories about life in the Pink Truck and I’ll tell them as we spend our time together. Today, I decided to write due to the smile I got from the shout out from the random guy climbing out of his car Dukes of Hazzard style just to scream out BASKIN ROBBINS!

car window

Who wouldn’t like that?

I might be an introvert by heart, but even that makes me smile!

( I know you don’t believe me about the introvert part, but that is a story for another day….No one ever believes me…LOL)


~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Spirits Did It…I Swear…

Well, if you have been waiting on pins and needles to find out what happened to my mom’s keys, I can tell you that after hours and hours and hours (I suspect minutes) my mother finally came to the conclusion that a Spirit must have taken her keys.

She serious by the way……

Stop laughing….

She started this theory last night as she had a strong feeling someone didn’t want her back out on the road yesterday (they must have seen her driving abilities).

Personally, I think she’s right. I think my grandmother who passed this time of year was just letting her know she was thinking of her. You see, one of the keys was to my Grandmother’s old car.Coincidence??? Hmmm, you decide.

Then this morning. My “Pops” decided to join in the hunt and low and behold he found the keys in some little tiny hidden corner. So at this point, I’m thinking, if it wasn’t my grandmother thinking she was funny, it might have been him. I’m just saying. And if it was him, he might be joining my grandmother in the afterlife becuase I think my mom would kill him.

At the end of the day. Crisis is over. Thanks for all of your help looking around the internet for them.

PS. My mom really does see spirits. Maybe someday we can do a few posts on those. (That is if I get to live for making fun of her again two days in a row)

Love ya Mommy    😀

Love, your #1 Brat

~~~Till we laugh again~~~

I Didn’t Know How Much SPAMMERs Loved My Comments


Yep, that is the only word that I can say right now. I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and over the moon on how much love I’m getting from SPAMMERs right now.

Yep. They love me!

Ok, maybe not me, but they love one of my recent posts  —> To Comment or Not to Comment ~ That is the Question

Sure it was a pretty popular post, but I just didn’t realize how popular.  Now, brace yourself. ……..

Now don’t go getting jealous on me…..

Don’t be a hater….

Ok, I’ll stop teasing you….

I have 269 Spam comments in the past 3 days on this one post!!!

Oh, you know you are jealous now!

One even said and I quote “I do not even know the way I finished up here, but I believed this post was once great. I don’t realize who you’re however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!”

They think I’m awesome! They all think I’m fantastic! Here are some more raves!

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Ok, so what that most of them can’t form a full sentence, that many think I have “paintings” or that they think they can help me with my website. They loved me enough to SPAM me. Period. I’m taking it as love.

You know you are even more jealous now that you have read the reviews. Especially if you didn’t have 269 views in the past 3 days.  LOL   😉   (for the record, I might be pushing 401 and if I do that math, that means the only real readers I had was….(carry the 1, move the …nevermind, let me get the calculator….)

Yep, I’ve had a total of 132 real views in 3 days. But who cares…




NeeNer NeeNer I know you are jealous!  



~~~till we laugh again~~~


Can You Turn That Thing Down!

OMG, I must be getting old!

I’m not sure when it happened. I just know I woke up one day and realized it. I’m sure it was gradual. I didn’t want it to happen. But it did.  🙁

In my 20’s and early 30’s I loved my music. I drove a lot and listened to it as loud as I could all the time. Some might say I played it loud to drown out my bad singing, but that is only half the truth. I just loved to hear it thump. It didn’t matter what the type of music was it just had to be loud so I could sing it loud.

I invested in great stereos for my cars / trucks and great speakers. I even have the 4 insurance claims to prove it. Yep, four stolen stereos – my current 11 year old truck has the factory stereo and speakers – I finally learned… LOL

But over the past 5-7 years I’ve come to realize that I can’t stand music up high. It actually has the opposite effect on me that it did back then. Now it just makes me want to hurt the person listening to it loud.

My ears are just more sensitive. Maybe it is all the racket I heard during my time at HD  (forklifts, carts, racking, etc). Maybe the pitches just burned my eardrums. I know all the noise at my store with the constant water running and machines running hasn’t helped either.  I think I understand water torture to the ears. The best feeling in the world is when we turn off those dipper wells at night.

But I digress again (see, shiny thing syndrome).

I don’t even remember why I wrote this post today. Oh yea, loud music. Just do me a favor. I don’t want to hear your loud song as your ring tone, and if I’m in your car please be nice to my sensitive ears. And if you are in my truck, touch my dials and you die! The radio is off for a reason.

Don’t even get me started on any music that is just screeching or plain bad. Maybe that’s what happened. Good music where you understood the lyrics and the melody are slowly disappearing due to new technology allowing bad singers to have hit songs. YouTube and the internet making sensations out of personalities vs quality.


OMG, I was right!!!!  I am getting old!  Now I sound like those people that griped about Elvis, or the Beatles or any other famous artist of their day.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE music. I really, really do. I like all types (other than screaming / screeching). I just need you to play it at a lower decibel.

Nevermind. I just realized who to blame. Apple. Yep. I’m blaming them. Now that all my music / audio is pumped into my ear via my earbuds attached  to my iTouch, it has to be their fault.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

If you want to complain, just do it quietly please.


~~~till we laugh again~~~




The Voice ~~ Is it Me or are these Singers BORING?

As I’ve stated in the past. I love Prime Time Reality TV. I love rooting for the undiscovered being discovered. I think shows like American Idol, The Voice, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent, etc are great for giving some folks their shot at stardom. We have learned from the past that just because someone is kicked off early, if they have “it” they can still do well. (Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, Clay Aiken, etc). Lately some of the winners are forgotten as the credits roll and the confetti falls.

And since I don’t vote, I can’t blame America for getting it wrong.

Currently we have American Idol and Voice going at the same time. Sure the old girl (Idol) is getting up there, but I can honestly say, the people who made the top 10 can all sing and for the most part, might have a bad week, but don’t bore me week after week. I wish I could say the same for the Voice singers. I have been watching all season and honestly can’t pick one out of a crowd by name. They just don’t “grab” me. They aren’t making me ticked that they are in the bottom or even kicked off. Sure I like a couple of them (that rocker chick is pretty good – but once again, I don’t know her name yet.

Maybe I’m in the minority. Maybe you don’t think they are as boring as I do. Trust me, I want them to do well. I really do. I want to root for someone but not just because they have some sob story behind them. I don’t mean to be mean but just because you grew up poor, dad died, the car got a flat tire, and the kid next store stole your toys as a kid, doesn’t mean you sing well. (Although, you are perfect for singing many country songs).

And worse, some of them sing well but are still BORING! How do you pull that off? I’ll tell ya, lack of personality. For example, the country girl isn’t the best singer, but at least she has personality and I want to root for her. She makes it fun. Same with the rocker chick.

Ok, I’m done ranting. Sorry, I was watching what I missed the other night and realized we are one more week in and I still am bored. Sniffle sniffle.

At least Biggest Loser is on tonight and I can’t wait to see them walk out! Now that will be exciting.

PS. Hope you liked your bonus post today  😀



~~till we laugh again~~



Tax Day ~~ Try and Control Your Excitement

Knock Knock…

Who’s there?

The Tax Man

Ah, there’s nothing funny about that??!

Yea, I know…  🙁


Yesterday I discussed how I put off my taxes until the last minute. Typical procrastinator action. And from some of the feedback I got, I wasn’t alone. There are tons of other procrastinators out there. But only a few that procrastinated on taxes till the last day. Although, many did wait until this past weekend.

Is there anything funny about taxes? Not really, it is a necessary evil driven by others.

Supposedly if we stop paying them our schools would collapse, our highways would fall apart, police and firemen would be home sitting on couches eating bon bons.

Some are mad that only 50% of the population pays taxes.

Some are mad that the rich don’t pay enough.

The rich are mad that they worked their ass off for what they made, why should they be punished

Envy is every where. Rich are envious of the poor not paying anything and the poor are envious of the rich that they make so much.

Someone the other day was upset that they are barely making it and owe so much money, meanwhile someone that made the same amount got back a check for almost $5000 while the other one owed $3000. One feeling punished for not having kids and the other being rewarded for having them.

Tax code ~ tax breaks ~ got to love them.

Personally, I’m not taking sides. But I do agree with everyone, taxes suck. And like it our not, they aren’t going away anytime soon. And today I will be bummed since I owe.

But since my blog is about finding humor in the bad in our life. There will be tears of laughter damn it, and not tears of watching my money go to Uncle Sam.


Ok, maybe I can do at least a 2 to 1 ratio. There you go. For each 3 tears, 2 will be from laughing and 1 for thinking about my money keeping the teachers, policemen, & firemen working. And I guess if a fourth one falls, I’ll try and remember that someday it will fix that bumpy road I drive over each day.

Oh, and if you haven’t hit send yet on your Turbo Tax…….You might want to do that….

And if you are filing by mail…..Yea, have fun in those lines


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Procrastinators Unite! ~~ Ok, Maybe Tomorrow…

I am a card carrying Procrastinator and proud of it! 

Ok, maybe not always, but it is something I am really good at. Too good unfortunately.

Like many Americans, I am just finishing up my taxes. Yes, the pain of my reality was too great to do any sooner. But that isn’t the only reason. Too much work to do and definitely way too much concentration.

There lies the root of my procrastination:

(A)     30% is just Painful – Not as in painful it hurts physically, but painful like banging my head against the wall, it’s too painful to do this crap. Also known as B O R I N G or I just don’t want to do it.

(B)     70% is from Lack of Concentration – Bad case of “Shiny Thing Syndrome”

Yep, I’m easily distracted. I’ve said it. I’ve admitted it. I have way more fun things that catch my eye or create pleasure. Like a moth to a flame, I can’t help myself. Like a kitty to laser light, I’m off and running by the first thing that catches my eye.

This blog is a great example. I love doing it. I love making you all laugh or smile. I love to see your comments or thoughts and I’m obsessed with now hitting 10,000 views (Ok, this just started to eat at me as I hit 7,500 a few days ago). But darn it! I have more fun doing this than any of the “Adult” junk I have to do.

But let’s be honest, if I didn’t have the blog, there would be some other thing I would rather be doing other than what I should be doing.

I’ve always been like this. Even as a kid I’d put off papers or homework until the last minute. Swearing I did my best work then. Which believe it or not, I still think it true. When I’m in the crunch, I tend to focus 100% on accomplishing what I have a mere few hours left to do. If I try starting early, the darn shiny object syndrome kicks in again and I’m only half ass doing what I should be.

Sighhhhh, what’s a girl to do?…….

I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow I can think of a solution…..


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Did I Just See What I Thought I Saw?

So yesterday I was reading a blog by CustomTripPlanning in which she shared several of the unique road signs they had encountered on their trip. I was cracking up on several of them. (Check out the link).

But it got me thinking about a sign we had in California right before the boarder patrol stop. It showed people running across the highway. Those seeing it for the first time often would wonder why on earth would they put that up. But many times I had witnessed myself, people abandoning their car about a mile prior to the stop and running across the highway.

Then, I started thinking even more (scary huh?). What other weird ones might be out there. So I went to my friend Google and found some for your enjoyment. I hope they give you a laugh as well.

I’m Assuming Big Foot works in the area

My money is on the bull / buffalo

I’m assuming this is the pot Jack’s Beanstalk was planted in when it was replanted

Cool, you can ride a rainbow up ahead

Umbrella? Guess the guy never heard of a broom

Now this is the one she had on her site as well.

Now you gentlemen know where to go for your “fun”

Don’t worry ladies, we have a spot for you too!

And this spot is for both of you

Yea, last thing I want is for my cockroaches to get sick

Hmm, call me crazy, but I’m not going anywhere with this guy!

Mmm, are they going to visit or move in?

Aww, how nice, they give you a warning

Just in case the first sign didn’t work

Hmm, wonder if this is what happens to the  people that run across I-5?

Hope you got as much fun out of those as I did…. Thanks again to CustomTripPlanning for today’s inspiration.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

To Comment or Not to Comment…That is the question

Most people think of March as Award season, but for me, it must be April. After all, we are just hitting the half way mark and I’m getting another shout out. However, this one might surprise some.
PouringMyArtOut has bestowed on me the Best Commenter Award.

Now, when one first reads the Title of the Award, you think “Wow, someone really enjoys what I have to say. They think I make the greatest comments!”

But nooooo. This Dodisharkicorn (??) is awarded to your top 5 commenters. Basically the top 5 people who make comments on your blog via your stats.

Then I got to thinking. How did I get such a wonderful award. God knows I hate talking. Then again, I hate reading and I hate writing yet here I am writing a blog, reading other’s blogs and apparently talking to them too. Oh no, another sign that I’m “maturing”.

STOP! the MADNESS!   I don’t want to grow up!

Then again, I’m pretty sure most of my comments are pretty smart ass in nature or going for a laugh. My Achilles heel. Always wanting a laugh. And with Mr Pouringmyartout it is easy to do this. He is a fellow smarty pants and let’s face it, a little off his rocker. Don’t believe me? Check him out.

But, being the good sport I am, I’m going to accept his award, accept the fact that I think he suckers me in by engaging in dialog with me trying to outwit me.  😀

So let’s just cut the sarcasm, and head into the homework (why must all these “awards” come with sooooo much homework?) Don’t they realize people wouldn’t panic if they got “nominated” if it didn’t involve so much work?

But I digress…. So here are the rules, which I cut and pasted so I hope he had them right… LOL

  • Accept Dodisharkicorn award and display it proudly in your widget sidebar.   (not going in the side bar, but I will paste on this page and award page)
  • Find your Top Five Commenters on your Stats page and present them with the award.  If they really comment that frequently, you shouldn’t need to tag them because they’ll see it anyway.  It’s just polite to link to their blog, though. (I know some folks who are quivering in fear right now)
  • Answer the following questions and pass them on to your Top Five Commenters. (who made up these questions? what are their qualifications?)

The Questions

  1. What is your third favorite color? The question assumes I like more than one. Hmm. Depending on my mood my top three are blue, black & orange (orange since I spent 22 years of my life looking at it everyday)
  2. Would you rather be:  a Jedi, a Pokemon Master or a Wizard/Witch?  Choose ONE. One of my nephew’s head would explode if he had to decide between Star Wars and Pokeman… Hmm, I’d do the whole Wizard/Witch route. Way more fun being in Harry Potter world
  3. Who is your favorite Doctor? Dr Pepper
  4. Can you whistle? Only if I’m not chewing Crackers….Don’t believe me, try it
  5. Would you name your child Sirius Albus? Nope, not even Laughing Dumbledore
  6. What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Laugh at your Everyday Life…. Doesn’t always make it better, but it helps you make it through it
  7. Do you own a lawnmower? Use too, but hard to mow dirt
  8. Do you think Legolas is a (very pretty) pansy? Is this that Elfy guy in Lord of the Rings??? I’m not that big of a nerd (although I did painstakingly listen to all the books and watch the films….why??………So I could say I did)
  9. What’s the trashiest thing you’ve read in the last year?  Should we cover it for Trashy Tuesday? Waste Management on the back of the truck I was following

Whew, ok, I survived part one of the homework.

Now for part two. Who do I torture?? Hmmm.  I’ve already picked on my top commenters in the past so I won’t torture them again. But I will torture I mean pass along the award to those 5 that commented last…..  😀

My #1 commenter good for a few barbs a week is Pouringmyartout who initially tortured me bestowed on my this fine award. But he has gotten too much press out of this whole thing already and we can’t have his head sweel anymore than it already is.   😀

Those I’m torturing (if you decide to take the challenge )– blame him… LOL…..

Since this is all in fun, and passing on links for you to check out…Up to you if you want to play. My feelings don’t get hurt. ALthough the Dodisharkicorn might haunt you in your sleep and personally, I wasn’t going to risk it.

Award season is closed for the rest of the month. If I get anymore, I’ll put them in the spare bedroom until I can unbox them. I love the shout outs. But the homework is killing me and my typing fingers hurt. So all the patting myself on the back must be put on hold. Need to rest my arm.

Tomorrow we will tackle…..Hmmm….. not sure yet. But tune in, I’m sure it will be good!

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~