Might Be Quicker Just to Blow it Up

blow it upI must confess something. I didn’t mean for it to get so bad. I really didn’t. But it did. But I do have an excuse, reason.

My home office has seen better days. Just none in the past 3 years.

I’m not a neat nick. I’m not even going to try to lie. I have to many friends and family that would out me as a liar. I’m not a filthy pig either, I’m just not the “everything has a perfect home” kind of person. My labels at home don’t all face the same way. My desk might be cluttered but I know where everything is and that is all that matters. (Oddly though, my computer folders are extremely organized – Go figure)

One of the bloggers I follow, Candy over at Finding Order in Chaos, is all about helping you organize yourself. I’m a lost cause but I still like to dream and hey, she is extremely interesting. Check her out.

So I got to thinking how disappointed in me she would be if she ever saw my home office. Before I show the “wow” picture and you all run screaming, let me explain. I have not used this room in over 3 years. Not that it was perfect before, but it wasn’t this bad. It now has become a dump and run. Ok, let me just rip off the band-aid and show you the damage….

What a mess
This is nothing....


Office mess
What the Heck Happened?!

If you stuck through the horror of those two pictures it is good to know you didn’t pass out…..Except maybe Candy…..

Yep, when I left HD I just dropped my stuff off on a Friday and took over the BR on a Monday… Looks like it is all right where I left it….

My HD stuff... 3 years of dust....I got the PomPom on my last day...Long story...

There is more, but even I can’t bring myself to show the rest of the horror….



The good news is I’ve decided to tackle the project. My problem is, I work everyday.  So it’s not like I have a day I can dedicate to it. So, my mission is to deal with at least 5 items per day.  At my calculation that should have it cleaned up my October 3rd, 2015.

Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day (so I’m told – I wasn’t there).

When I was a kid and had to clean my room, my tactic was to toss everything I could find on my bed. This way the floor looked awesome and I felt like I accomplished something. I still use that theory to this day. (only I will try to not toss it all back on the floor when I get tired of cleaning).

Want to see my progress?

Is that carpet I see???

Impressive huh? Someone give Candy the smelling salt so she can be impressed too!

Well, I’m trying. And that is more than I was doing a year ago. So keep your fingers crossed (as we learned in a previous post I can’t)

I might just get this mess cleaned up prior to October 2015. I’m thinking definitely before the world ending in December 2012. After all, I wouldn’t want to leave a mess for my going away party.

By the way, don’t even call me a hoarder. I will not have a panic dealing with this junk. My panic attack will only come BECAUSE I have to deal with this junk.  



~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Might Be Quicker Just to Blow it Up

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    How you snuck in and snagged a photo of MY spare room, where my Blogging Headquarters is located, is a mystery to me….. I’m gonna start tipping over all these boxes and clutter in order to find your camera! 🙂

  2. Candy S

    Thanks for the smelling salts…. I laid out there for hours! 🙂 By the way, to see floor is good. I am sure that you can do it, a little at a time, but enough so that you can see your progress (even if it is just a little more floor!)

  3. Grainne

    You are a brave soul, being so honest about your mess. I don’t think anything would ever convince me to show pictures of MY computer room, but, will happily live vicariously through you. lol. Good luck!! 🙂

  4. benzeknees

    I am not the neatest person in the bunch (my mother can attest to this) & it only got worse when I had a baby because to my way of thinking the baby was always much more important than any mess. My youngest is now 22 & I still think this way. But there is good news – I went to Bed Bath & Beyond for the first time a few months ago & they had these neat clear plastic boxes with lids (slightly bigger than a shoe box). They also had some pictures with suggestions on how to use them for storage. They work great for shoes, so all your shoes are in one stack & not all over the place. Recently, when we had company & my hubby & I shared a bathroom for a long weekend I walked into his bathroom with one of these boxes, put all his toiletries & personal items in the box & transported it to my bathroom in 1 quick step & there it sat on the top of the toilet tank for the whole weekend. When our guests left he picked up the box & moved back into his bathroom. Hubby used one of these boxes to organize spice packets in our pantry. It’s amazing how much stuff you can store & because they are clear plastic you can still see what’s in them! Give it a try!

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      I love BB&B. They have stuff for everything! Now when I visit our local Walmart they must have bought into the plastic tub business since they now have a wall of those.

      They are great. I have a bunch for a few things. In my pictures, there are a few crates I’m attempting to use. Totes stacked in the closet. I’m with you, they are great for organizing the clutter in our life.

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