0 thoughts on “Has Anyone Seen My Keys?

  1. Chatty Cathie

    You make me laugh..and YES! I have no doubt that your mom is calling you a brat! My mom called me once in Minnesota (from Oklahoma) to ask me if I knew where her shoes were. I’m totally NOT kidding. Now, in fairness, she had visited 2 or 3 week prior…but still! My husband still asks me every time the phone rings,”Is your mom looking for her shoes again?”

  2. izzy327

    I had to come back and see if any of your followers had found my keys? I thought I would leave a hint, I walked a total of 20 feet, Put my purse down and they where gone. :>(( I have decided that one of my angels has them hidden so I can’t drive and get hurt. I hope it is safe for me to drive tomorrow and my keys come back out of the black hole they fell into.

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