33% of This Year Together

In December 2011 I had a wild and crazy idea.

I would attempt to find humor in life and share that humor every day in 2012. As of today, the year is 33% over. And for the record, it is so unfair that as we get older time just flies by.

I remember when starting a Post a Day in 2012, that I thought there was no way on earth I could think of something funny everyday. I just kept telling myself that I laugh at all kinds of things and since I insist on living my life that way, everything would work out.

Back then I had maybe 20-25 followers and of course my Facebook victims I mean friends and family. Who would want to read this silly blog?

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted people to read it. Why waste all these good laughs on the few when I could help make people all over the world find at least one laugh in their day.

During our short time, I’ve shared things about myself and things that have happened to me. I’ve also shared things that make me smile or laugh. Sometimes, those things were probably very stupid to some. But to me, they made me giggle. After all, I tend to giggle at stupid things.


As time has gone on, I find that I worry too much if my readers will find something funny or not. We are funny creatures us humans. We want that approval. And as an over achiever, I need to “feel” that I’ve accomplished my mission. That I have succeeded in making you smile or laugh. I find I worry that something will bomb or readers will think it is stupid. Basically, I think too much and sometimes forget my main mission.

As I head into the next 33% of our days together, I’m going to try to focus on what makes me smile or laugh. Sometimes that might not be funny to you. And I have to learn not to stress over that. All that matters is it made me laugh or smile. It might be silly pictures, some trivia, a story about myself, society in general, who knows. But for some reason it struck me as funny. It’s me, Laughing at Everyday Life. I find humor every where.

We are all funny in our own way. Some bloggers are natural story tellers and I’m fascinated at how they can take a day in their life and make it so freaking funny. Some of you share your pain with the world and look to my blog as a possible escape from that pain. Some of you are just sick puppies that have loose screws. And some of you are just funny looking. But one thing I love about all of you, is that you are allowing me the opportunity to help you smile if even for a brief moment in your day.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed / read / trolled / hung out / sped by / accidentally tripped / was looking for butt crack (way too many) and found my little blog.

I hope you continue to hang out and laugh with me for the rest of the year. I’m curious to see how the next few months will play out and how much more I will learn, not only about myself, but about you. Not only have I enjoyed sharing my laughs, but I have loved what I have learned about all of you. It is never easy sharing our lives with others, but if we can help others by sharing our ideas, thoughts, lives, laughter, etc then it is worth it.

If I make just one person smile or laugh, especially when they are in pain or need of a distraction, then my blog obsession in 2012 will be worth it.

I am who I am. A natural ham. Said Sam I am.Ā  (umm, how did that sneak in there?)

Anyways, I’m done with my semi serious post. I’ve had a blast the first 1/3 of the year and I look forward to more laughs together in 2012 and beyond!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “33% of This Year Together

  1. writerwannabe763

    You definitely make me laugh and are a good distraction, as much of my writing is of a more serious or reality type of writing..and much that I read is of that nature also..which is okay ..as one of my reasons for writing..(we all have them) was that I may help somebody wading through depression..to see they are not alone and give some hope if I can that they can make it…. I’m of the same mind that if I can help even one person than I will feel my blogging has been worthwhile…Now if I just had a good joke to tell to make you smile…Diane

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife


      I have a lot of followers that are pushing through depression or other forms of mental health. Being that it runs a big theme in my family, I welcome these folks with open arms.

      I love reading their blogs as well. And some have done a great job of working in the small smiles they get at times.

  2. benzeknees

    Most days you bring at least a smile to my face, if not a laugh or a guffaw. But you don’t need to be worrying about what others think of your blog – do it for yourself. If you do, you’ll always be successful! I’ve enjoyed every day since I found you & today was my day to post a funny – did you see it?

  3. Devina

    Though might have barely seen a trace of me, I’m still reading and it still amazes me how you find something funny in the mundane everyday things and you make me laugh when I really want to cry, so thank you šŸ™‚ Try and not to think too much (people tend to get way too serious and cranky that way) you might drive yourself crazy šŸ˜€

  4. Harper Faulkner

    Lots of folks can be funny, but very few can be funny and write well. This is good writing! HF “Some bloggers are natural story tellers and Iā€™m fascinated at how they can take a day in their life and make it so freaking funny. Some of you share your pain with the world and look to my blog as a possible escape from that pain. Some of you are just sick puppies that have loose screws. And some of you are just funny looking.”

  5. Madame Weebles

    Just found your blog and am looking to the next 67%! It’s definitely hard to write without having an audience reaction in mind, but based on the entries I’ve read on your blog so far, I can’t imagine you having a problem getting readership no matter how you wrote. Thank you!

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