Pajamas ~~ Not Just for Sleeping Anymore

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a slumber party? Part of the fun was picking out the perfect pajamas to hang out in with your friends. Not the ratty comfortable ones but the ones that still were comfortable but looked cool so you weren’t embarrassed wearing them in front of your friends?

Today, we have a whole new perspective on the pajama wearing party. Everyday and every occasion will do. No special requirements in 2012. Nope, have Jammies will travel.

Roaming around Walmart? Yep. Shopping for Groceries? Yep.  Baskin Robbins? Yep  Garage Sales? Yep Dinner at Golden Corral? Yep

Well, you get the point.

Pajamas in public aren’t just for toddlers anymore. What started as a way for mom’s to run around town without spending an hour getting their kids dressed has become a full blown excuse for all of us not to shower or put on clean clothes.

Don’t get me wrong. I love nothing more than going home and climbing into my Jammies too. I can’t wait to be comfortable and relaxed. I’m sure many of you are reading this right now in your pajamas. And I’m OK with that. (Especially the one of you I see wearing Penguins ~~ however, you in boxers with the tongue hanging out, not so much)   😀

This whole craze begs the question…If everyone is wearing their pajamas there must be a reason. Most I’m sure are doing it to be comfortable. Which tells me that we put too much emphasis on wearing clothes that are uncomfortable. We need clothes reform!  Long live the flannel!

Sure there are some folks that feel they do not have enough energy to change their clothes. After all, how many of us end up needing to take a nap after lifting not one but two legs up off the ground 3 inches? Not once, but twice? (if you happen to change your undies too). I know some people that need a 1/2 hour nap after tying their shoes. Which is why we all know that you should slip on your bunny slippers when dressing in your pajamas.

The other thing that cracks me up about wearing our Pajamas in public is how brave we all become. We are not brave due to being caught in public in our pajamas. No, we are brave because when in our pajamas we have no fear. Yep, how else can you explain grown adults running around with Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Betty Boop, Scoobie Doo or Rubber Duckies all over them?

Well, I suppose it is time to finish up my work and accomplish something. That way I can head home and hop into my Pajamas too.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Pajamas ~~ Not Just for Sleeping Anymore

  1. jeandayfriday

    We have pajama day at school, and every year the students want us to dress up. I wore PJ pants for it once – and I felt like a goober all day. Plus, only about 6 of the 30 teachers wore them, which was like adult peer pressure in the form of snickering and giggling. My Tinkerbell PJ pants stay at home now. (Maybe that was the reason for all the giggling!) 🙂

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    I’m sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand when people go out in public in their PJ’s. It just looks stupid! There are comfortable clothes that don’t look like sleepwear! OK, I’m done bitching now. LOL 🙂

    1. tadams4u

      Didn’t know you needed permission. I was pretty sure that was you the other day when I was there! Plus I heard there is a community restraining order on your banning you from the local garage sales already 😀

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