My Bingo Should Have Been a Shadow

This is my baby, her name is Bingo. Why Bingo? I’ve always thought it would be funny to have a dog named Bingo so I could sing – B I N G O and Bingo was her name-o.   😀

Bingo is almost 14 years old. Her momma was a Dalmatian and her daddy was a Chow. Yet, she looks just like a Black Lab. So for years we have just told people she is a black lab. Although she is a little thicker in the middle like a chow and has the chow black spotted tongue. But her looks and personality are of a black lab so that is what has stuck.

Bingo is an awesome dog. Greatest personality and temperament. And knowing that she is in her final years makes me really sad. Each day it is hard watching her age. The grey on her muzzle has grown so much, her hips are going out more and more and some days your heart breaks as you know she wishes she could run the big back yard like she use too.

For years she has been the first one to greet me when I come home. She gets so excited to see me and that makes me smile no matter how bad my day may have been.

For years I have called her Shadow because she follows me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. If I move more than 10 feet from her or round a corner she gets up and follows me. Even in her advancing years and the pain I know it must cause her, she still gets up. Even though I tell her not too.

I wish we could see in the future when we name our animals. Normally I wait a few weeks to see a little of the personality but even I wouldn’t have guess that 14 years later she would still be my Shadow.

Then again, it is fun yelling out Bingo when I’m trying to call her (now that is funny all on it’s own especially if you play bingo which I do occasionally). And when I’m really playing with her, I call her Bingo Dauber. (more bingo inside humor).

Today Shadow, I mean Bingo was making me smile which is why I was inspired for today’s post. I was in the shower and heard a big thump. Looking through the glass I could only smile because today like almost every other day, she came in and plopped down on the mat while I showered. And I realized how with each passing year, soon I will get out of the shower and she will not be there. But I will have wonderful memories for years to come of my baby girl following me everywhere.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


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  1. carlarenee45

    oh, man that is so moving. Your dog is beautiful and she does look more like a lab but I can kind of see some chow in there. My dog is almost three and I dread when those last years get here. I’m that way about my cats too. We just have to enjoy them and pamper them as long as we can. Make their lives happy ones.

    1. tadams4u

      Thank you. Yea, the last few months have been hard knowing that she might only be with us for another year or so. Both my dogs are the same age so that will be hard losing them both more than likely in a short span. But the other one is showing no signs of slowing down so who knows. LOL

  2. mcfarland

    I do not know what to say about your post, I know how close you are to your dog. and to know how much pain you will be in causes me pain. Knowing I can do nothing to help you hurts. I will just go knowing the LOVE AND thE COMFORT Bingo has given you. Lets hop she has many months if not years left. :>))

    1. tadams4u

      🙂 She is at my feet right now. Although, I think it is because Nahla was driving her nuts so she is hiding from her. LOL I told her grandma is coming for a visit 😀

  3. chlost

    My 7-year-old little dog is my shadow, too. Husband is really a bit jealous-thinks he is being snubbed as he (the dog!) sits at my feet, then follows me around the house. I know that there are only a few more years before he is not going to be able to jump up onto the chair-or the bed- and it makes me sad, too. Enjoy your shadow/bingo! Sounds as though you hit the jackpot with him.

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