Do You Have Yard Art? We All Need Yard Art

Do you have a flamingo in your yard? Or maybe a gnome on your porch? Oh I know, maybe it’s a couple of cute squirrels looking lovingly into each others eyes. Nooo, I know. A giant carved bear.

We all have seen cute yard art and think to ourselves, “Oh that is so cute I want it!”, then our sanity returns and we keep walking.

Yard art? Maybe you call it yard ornaments. Or Yard animals. But to some, it really is art. It is an expression of themselves. Or maybe it is something that just makes them giggle. Or maybe the goal is to make others point and laugh. Who knows. But some folks have some cool, interesting, odd, scary, freaky stuff. I thought I’d check out Google and share some images I found.

The other Gnome Riding the Hare must have taken off

Is it me or does the Grinch look like he is taking a pee in the yard?

Gives a new meaning to a flower bed

Normally flying bunnies on color wheels only show up in my bad dreams

I Assume a Redneck School Bus Driver lives here

I think this one doubles as a watering stand (not funny, but cute)

What is on it’s head?

Now this is a serious Dinosaur lover

Finally, when your yard art disappears here is what happened

~~~till we laugh again~~~