$540,000,000 and Growing! Next Stop $600,000,000

$540 Million and Growing!!

Oh my lordy, someone or some folks are going to be freaking rich!

And if it is some loser who loses it all in a matter of years they should be shot.

Let’s face it, tomorrow will be even more crazy with people buying those tickets, so I bet it gets close to $600,000,000 ….. Amazing! And imagine if it doesn’t go again. That sucker could be a billion dollars the the following week!

I know I’m milking this for two days but come on, there is some serious dreaming going on in households across the lower 48 states. Mega is played in 42 states and you know other than Hawaii and Alaska, those other 6 states are making a run for the border of their nearest state playing it. (Although, there might be some diehard Eskimo’s flying into SeaTac tomorrow and a few Canadians grabbing their passports.)

Oh don’t worry, I’m not obsessing over it today. I just needed a post before  midnight and I’ve been running around today and the most amusing thing has been watching everyone get their tickets. I swear I saw smoke coming out of the ticket machine at QT today as it was being used so much.  LOL

Besides, I don’t think anything is wrong with dreaming. How you will spend it, who you will help, and how you will invest it. Dreaming makes you smile as you think of the possibilities.

Just do me a favor, don’t stop dreaming if you aren’t the lucky bastard who does hit it big. I’ll allow you a minute or two to kick the dirt, mumble and cuss, but five minutes later, keep your dreams alive. Dreams are hope and we all need our dreams and our hope!

Good luck to those playing!

PS. If its you and not me, I’m available for life coaching    😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~