Valentine’s For All Occasions

Happy Valentine’s Day. Some of you will spend the day with your “love” (or your extreme “like”).

Some of you will have dumped that person a week ago to save some cash. (Don’t worry, you can “Make Up” in a few days)

And some of you will will just curl up with a big tub of ice cream to drown your sorrows.

But however you choose to spend today, I thought I’d share a few of the Valentine’s I found for all occasions.

For the Competitive Couple

The ex- Girlfriend you dumped two days prior

For your Bro-mance

Your elementary Crush

The sweetest thing your gamer boyfriend could ask you

From your backhanded complimenting significant other

From the Man you still find sexy after all those years

And finally , Even Rubber Duckies can find Love

Hopefully you got a Valentine’s card that made you smile, and if you didn’t, then buy your own and sign it…

From the Person Who Matters Most

Then grab the remote, your Quart of ice cream, and sit down to a great night of watching the Storage Wars Marathon going on tonight

~~~till we laugh again~~~

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