Random Facts – Checking off My List

Yesterday I shared the good news of my first nominations. (Yippee Me!) And I promised to fulfill my obligations last night. (I failed). I had a crazy busy day and never got around to it. And technically I have a boat load to do right now, but thought I’d sneak off and do this instead.

Let’s be honest, those that know me know that I’m terrible at following rules. I always feel my way is better. So I’m pretty sure I will not follow the rules I was given. At least not as they were written. But two items I want to do that they all have in common is share some random facts about myself and share the love or pay it forward.

Random Facts

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I  blog about many random facts about myself. Matter of fact, most of my posts make fun of my random quirks I have. Let’s see, I’ve already shared…

  • I hate – no ABHOR Peas   
  • I hate looking into eyeballs
  • I drive a pink truck and ride an orange bike
    • The funny thing about the above one is…I hate pink
  • I’m an optimistic sarcastic  – meaning I’m positive I’m thinking something sarcastic at any given moment yet I believe in positive thinking
  • I hate seafood
  • Check out any of my previous blogs for more details on any of the above  – 😀

Hmm, lot of hating going on up in that list.  So, to counter act….

  • I LOVE to laugh
  • I love to make others laugh
  • I love to find humor in almost anything that occurs and will laugh at the wrong moments
  • I love my dogs Bingo, Tia and strongly like the neighbor’s dog Nahla that thinks she mine
  • I love helping others see and believe in themselves
  • I love to teach / coach / mentor – I get my “high” off of helping others discover their potential
  • I love being unique, I love being weird and I love being left handed which is both
  • Oh, and I love my family – even though they are all whacked    😀


Now I can check that off my list of to do….

Keep checking back and I promise to keep using my everyday life and quirks to entertain you.

Ohhh, and in the next day or two I promise to nominate some folks for the awards so I keep passing them along. It’s like the Blogging World’s Chain Letter only without the bad luck attached – just the guilt of not doing it.   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~