We Were Adopted By the Neighbor’s Dog

We moved to our house about 8 years ago. Shortly there after, the neighbor’s dog “adopted” us. But if you knew her, you’d know it was more like she “took over”.

As I have mentioned before, we live on the outskirts of our small town on a dirt lot. There is a house in front of us, two on the one side and one down the dirt road. We have two dogs and at the time we moved in, I was foolish enough to think I could seal off the 3 acres with a chain link fence. For the record, chain link on a dirt ground really means keep people out, but not stray dogs. (or keep yours in).

Being the good parents we are, we have a dog door so our “kids” can come and go potty anytime they want (aka – we don’t want to get up to let them go out 80 times a day). Now Arizona can get some awesome thunderstorms and a few weeks into living here, we had a big storm. That was the first time we met Nahla. How did we meet? Well, it turns out Nahla is deathly afraid of thunder. The night of the storm, she scared the crap out of us as we watched TV. We heard the dog door flap (even though both our dogs were sitting right next to us), next thing we knew, there was Nahla running into the room and hiding behind the chairs. We were like “what the …”

There was no budging this German Shepard either. She was scared to death. To make a long story short, we discovered she was the neighborhood dog. While technically she belonged to the neighbor across the dirt, she typically roamed the road traveling from house to house. But for some reason we became her #1 hangout (I’m pretty sure it’s because we were the only foolish ones to not kick her out).

Now one would think her true owners would seek her out. Not really. We figured out pretty quickly that she wasn’t allowed in her house (yes, even when it was 115 degrees outside or storming). It wasn’t until years later that they even acknowledged that they felt semi bad (but not really) that she “bothered” us. Never once did they drop off dog food or treats (yes, she pretty much eats here too).

The sad part is, she is an excellent indoor dog. For being outside pretty much all the time, she is amazingly house trained. For the most part, she lays next to the other dogs for hours. She can be pushy tho. If the other dogs are getting petted, she demands equal pet time. While our dogs know to walk off when we are done, not Nahla. She just stands there like you just needed a few minutes of rest and will start back up momentarily.

Nahla, isn’t good at sharing and acts like an only child sometimes. If either of the other two dogs come up to be petted, Nahla will try and cut them off. Or she will push her head in like she was cutting into the dance.

And petting Nahla isn’t easy. She has glaucoma in her eyes and they are all jacked up. Gives me the heebee jeebees’ (mean I know but it’s the truth – its gross looking and I have an eye phobia – tell ya about that some other time)

Each night I come home, she is usually waiting on our porch for me. On the rare occasions she isn’t, she has learned the sound of my truck and comes dashing over (almost getting hit a few times when I don’t’ see her). Then she knows my routine. I come inside with her in tow. I always walk over to the dog treats to give my “girls” their jerky or bones. She is the most aggressive of the three, and tests my patience some days. It is the only time she acts like this. I have her wait till last, teaching her patience but if she could, she would rip the treat out of the other two dogs mouths and still expect her own.

As I type this, she has boldly laid down on my greyhound’s pillows. Taking her life into her own hands (No one lays on Tia’s pillows). Soon Tia will wander in here and we will try to protect Nahla’s life by reminding her to get up. Usually she realizes her death defying transgression and moves.

As time has gone on, Nahla pretty much comes in at night and stays until mid morning, then hangs outside for a few hours (I assume checking out the other neighbors treats or food offerings) and then heads back “home” to us. With each passing year, she stays longer and longer. By now we think of her as our third dog. She just acts like the 23 year old kid that moved out but seems to hang out at their parents all the time. Eating their food, using their stuff and then disappearing whenever they want.

We’ve come to love her, so has all our family that visits. She provides us as much entertainment and love as our dogs and it looks like she isn’t going anywhere after the 8 years. If we ever move, I wonder if we take her with us, if her “real” owners would even realize she is gone. I guess someday we will find out.

Oh, and for the record, every storm Nahla still comes in and hides behind the chairs, turns out she feels safer here than anywhere.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

People Trying to Ruin My Day

Some days the biggest laughs you will get are due to the interesting / frustrating / stupid things other people do.   😀

Take my morning today. Within an hour I had several different situations that could have either frustrated the heck out of me, or make me laugh. And to be honest, they did both. I didn’t want to fall down the rabbit hole so I made sure I got my head straight before “creating” a day of further frustration. I’m a firm believer, we get what we predict. If you predict a crappy day,then you will create that crappy day.

Ok, here is a quick snapshot of my trek into the store today….

  1. Got stuck behind a couple driving 35 miles an hour in a 55 zone. Plus I couldn’t go around them.   (ok, so this wasn’t so bad except it lasted this way for what felt like 3 hours)
  2. Then i went to my local McDonalds drive thru for my hash browns and tea. There are two lanes and normally I go in the outside lane. Someone pulled in before me and I thought I’d go to the inside lane cuz surely they were almost done. But noooo, three cars went in my normal lane before I even got to order and I was even next.  Grrrrr
  3. So then I pull to the window and the kid starts to hand me my tea. Tea is literally pouring off the side. Not a little drizzle but a steady stream. I look at him in amazement at his obliviousness of the situation. And when I ask him for a napkin to wipe the sides down he looks at me like I asked him for his phone number (as in shocked that I would want his teenage butt)
  4. Then after pulling out I go to take a drink and of course it spills all down me.
  5. When I get to my store the phone is ringing and when I answer it a customer starts rattling off a cake order. She got mad when I asked her to hold on a moment as I had just walked in and needed to grab my order book. Then didn’t want to listen to what I was asking  she just kept saying what she wanted even though I was long past that part and asking new questions. (this conversation was much more frustrating but I try and not bash customers on here. Let’s just say the brick wall  listens better)  Lol

At this point and after venting to my sister and a friend, I was determined to end this fun. I was not going to have a crappy day. No matter the conspiracy going on.

Attitude adjustment in check and I was good to go” and guess what? It worked. No more stupidity in my day – besides my own).     🙂

Moral of the story…..

You control your attitude when they can’t control their stupidity

Second moral….

Never try and type a blog post on your iPad !   It’s slow and takes forever!  Lol


~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Valentine’s For All Occasions

Happy Valentine’s Day. Some of you will spend the day with your “love” (or your extreme “like”).

Some of you will have dumped that person a week ago to save some cash. (Don’t worry, you can “Make Up” in a few days)

And some of you will will just curl up with a big tub of ice cream to drown your sorrows.

But however you choose to spend today, I thought I’d share a few of the Valentine’s I found for all occasions.

For the Competitive Couple

The ex- Girlfriend you dumped two days prior

For your Bro-mance

Your elementary Crush

The sweetest thing your gamer boyfriend could ask you

From your backhanded complimenting significant other

From the Man you still find sexy after all those years

And finally , Even Rubber Duckies can find Love

Hopefully you got a Valentine’s card that made you smile, and if you didn’t, then buy your own and sign it…

From the Person Who Matters Most

Then grab the remote, your Quart of ice cream, and sit down to a great night of watching the Storage Wars Marathon going on tonight

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Doctor’s Office – Waiting Room Humor

Lots of Laughs at the Doctor’s Office if You Watch


Do you people watch? I do. I could do it for hours. Take today for example. Over the past few months I have been going to tons of Dr appointments with a family member. And since we have had to go to a variety of Drs, they each have provided different types of fun.

One doctor for example is located downtown and has a variety of different backgrounds for patients.  Old, young, poor, poorer, Hispanic, White, round, tall, well you get the picture.  The doctors office I am at now is less diverse. Maybe it is because the Snowbirds are in town but let’s just say the average age in this waiting room is like 60+. A very white 60+  that is. The only real diversity being US citizen vs Canadian.  Lol

But the true fun comes from the realization that even with the diversity, there are just certain things you are guaranteed to find no matter where the location is or who the clientele is. These habits you get to see in all in these places. Let’s see how many you have encountered…

  • The man picking his nose, looking at it, then looking around the room to see if anyone else is looking – CHECK
  • The screaming kids running around without a leash or parental watchCHECK
    • Some of which come up to you and ask 50 questions while their parents are oblivious that their kid is talking to a complete stranger CHECK
  • The folks that are praying no one takes the chair next to them CHECK
    • Or their alter ego who takes up both chairs next to them with their jacket and purse pretending they are holding it for someone CHECK
  • The person next to you telling you their entire medical history even tho you just met them 2 min ago CHECK
  • The older gentlemen wearing tube socks and Bermuda shortsCHECK
  • The woman in the wheelchair glad she has her own seat and doesn’t have to share part of hers with the person taking up two since the seats are virtually on top of each otherCHECK
  • The person that jumps every time the doctor’s door opens thinking it’s their name being called CHECK
    • The nervous Nellie’s shaking like a leaf due to fear it really will be their name this timeCHECK
  • The one reading a book praying no one will bother try and talk to themCHECK
    • You know, the one with the paperback, Kindle, magazine so close to their nose with eyes peering above hoping you don’t noticeCHECK
  • Then there is the half of the room playing on their phone.  CHECK
    • Then half of that half playing words for friends just not with each otherCHECK
    • The other  half with earbuds in and lip singing to Adele CHECK

BINGOOOOOOOOOO..!!! oh sorry, thought I had a black out bingo for a sec…..

Well, you get the picture, and I’m sure some of these folks have entertained you as well. If I missed one, feel free to share with future readers who will join in on our people watching fun. Next time we can tackle people at the airport, or the amusement park, or maybe jump on the Walmart ones, cuz if you have ever gotten that email with the pictures of Walmart shoppers (or you are one in the pictures) then you know how freaking hilarious people watching at Walmart can be.   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~

How Do I Get this Mess All Over Me?

I’ve been making Valentine’s Day cakes all day. And as usual, I’m covered with icing, whip topping and ice cream. I’m not sure why I can stay clean some days and a complete mess the next. One reason is, I’m always wiping my hands on my shirt. That doesn’t help.  LOL.

I’d like to say this is a new development in my life, but the truth is, I have a knack for getting stuff all over my clothes. What seems like a lifetime ago, when I was Department Head of the Paint Department, I was always covered in paint. Paint, tint and dust. Typically a combination of all three. I’d never wipe my hands on my apron, but for some reason I preferred to wipe under my apron??? Yep, all down the sides of my pants. Finger prints of all colors.

I remember one day I was filling the tint machine and reached up to grab the tin of magenta. I reached up and started to pull it down, and then it all poured down my arm and back. Yep, someone had opened it and put it back up there. Only in my world would I have been the one that it spilled down. Boy was it cold.

Another day, the closers forgot to take the trash out. I’m talking to one of my team, and fling the bag over my back to take out. As we are talking, I felt that same cold sensation down my back leg. Only this time, it was yellow tint leaking out the bag.  All you can do is laugh.

My final memory of this time period was the right of passage that each new member in a paint department goes through. The spilling of your first can of paint. My entire department basically was new and one by one they each dropped their can and a huge paint puddle pool was born. However, there were three of us who refused to go down. We went months without our initiation into the club.

Then one fateful day, lady luck turned on us. Two of us were mixing paint when we heard the third of our trio yell out and a big boom. We turn the corner only to see a puddle forming. We knew we were down to two as Charles soon joined the ranks of the spillers. As Greg and I mixed paint we gave him grief. Now this was in the days of the old mixers where you had little arms that flapped down to hold the can in and you yanked them out. Not 5 minutes after the spill, I hear another grumbling under the breath as I noticed that Greg now has knocked over one of the cans he was putting tint into. Then there was one.

Yep, I was the lone hold out. As two of my compadres cleaned up their paint messes, I was laughing my butt off. I took over the paint mixing for Greg as he cleaned up his new mess and when I lifted up one of his cans to put it in the paint mixer. I saw it in slow motion….. The lid was never hammered on and paint gushed out the can, all down the front of my shirt and apron.

In a matter of 10 – 15 minutes, the three of us went down. We were officially welcomed by the paint gods into their world.


Years later, I’m still capable of wearing a mess on my clothes, but I am slowly turning over my crown to my my protege. I have a young woman that works for me that puts me to shame. I look like the Orbit Gum lady compared to her. She starts off all clean and by the end of the night she is wearing pretty much all 31 flavors. Someday I’ll have to share more about her messiness. Trust me, it’s worth a post all on it’s own.


~~~till we laugh again~~

How I Choose To Remember Whitney Houston

As you probably have heard by now, Whitney Houston has passed. While we don’t know why, one can’t help but wonder if years of drug use has taken it’s toll…or claimed her life.

Whitney was only a little older than myself and I was a huge fan, especially during her early years of success. My friends and I would drive around thumping out her music. I had all her CDs (or tapes depending on the time). She easily had the best voice around. This is before the other powerhouse women came out. (Celine, Mariah, etc) The original was Whitney.

I got so much joy from driving down the road, blasting out her music, pretending to sing as well as she did. God only knows I wasn’t even close, but in the confines of my vehicle, I was.

It is a shame that many people will remember her for the last 15 years of her drug use and falling from the premier singer she was. For years, I have said it is such a waste of talent and I felt the sadness of missing her powerful voice.Praying she would make a comeback. But alas the damage was done to her vocal cords.

But as I sit here writing this, still not knowing what details that might come out, I promise one thing. I will remember Whitney for the awesome singer she was. I will turn my itouch on later and listen to her greatest hits and remember the smiles, the laughter, the fun I always had listening to her music. This will be how I choose to remember Whitney.

Whitney – “We Will Always Love You”

~~till we laugh again~~~

Pictures that Make You Smile

Ok, today was a long day and I only have a 1/2 hour to get my smile / laugh in. So, for today’s post, I found some cute pictures and added my own captions. I know one is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Thanks for the Lift!

Charlie found the purrr-fect hiding place

I’m just big boned

What happens after drinking a 12 pack every night

Who’s Your Daddy?

& My last one is dedicated to Karla who’s birthday is tomorrow and she will turn 18

Have fun you Party Animal!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Dear Teenage Job Seeker ~~ You Really Should Know This…

Right now I’m currently looking to add to my team here at the store. If I may brag for a minute, I have a great team. I make sure I hire the right person and then work with them prior to sending them out into the world. Normally they don’t leave unless their family drags them off to Iowa, they go off into the military for a cool haircut, or a great opportunity comes up that I push them to fly the coo-koo’s nest.

Due to this, I haven’t had to hire in over a year. Yet everyday teenagers saunter in looking for that first job. We are a small town, so there aren’t may places for them to go so basically every one of them passes through my doors at some point.

A couple of years ago I wrote a post when I had like 3 followers that was just too good to never be seen again. So I’m going to dust it off, put some new clothes on it and spritz some cologne and send it back out. It was definitely one of my more sarcastic moments.   Hope you enjoy it.


Through the years I have hired hundreds and hundreds of people. I’ve probably interviewed thousands. I have always been amazed at what I have seen. I have even offered my advice too many and now after spending two 3 1/2 years watching teenagers walk into my store asking for jobs I feel it is important I share some key information with this demographic.

So here is my letter to the teenagers looking for a job:

Dear teenage or twenty somethinger,

Congratulations! You are either looking for your first job or your next one of many. Either way, the advice I’m about to share is meant to help increase your odds of me taking your seriously. As a business owner I think I speak for many others when I say the following:

First Impressions are very important.

  • Do you really need your posse of friends to escort you in? Is there safety in numbers?
  • Guys – Pull your freaking pants up! I do not need to see your cool boxers to determine if you will make a great fit for my team. I already know you don’t fit your pants.
  • I understand wanting to have piercings but just so you know, the cool piercing in your nose, your cheeks, your tongue, or the big gauges in your ears  are not going to help you get a job serving the public. (Yesterday I had one with one in her nose, both her cheeks, under her lip and across her eyebrows – two words – OH MY!)
  • Special note on this one – I serve ice cream to kids, some of your piercings would scare the beegeebees about of the kiddies not to mention the mommies.
  • Tattoos – while yes they are a works of art and they symbolize important things to you I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hire you with the naked women down your arm or the skull and cross bones on your neck. And honestly, the THUG LIFE on your fingers, just ain’t working for me either.
  • See special note above about scaring the kiddies – not to mention freaking out the little tike’s mommy.
  • Attitude – Can you at least fake some enthusiasm? My lord some of you look miserable. I know its hot outside – but darn you look horrible. Its ice cream for Pete’s sake, it’s fun. If this is how you look wanting a job I’d hate to see what you look like after you get it.
  • But I understand – you’d rather be sitting on the couch playing your xbox, but mommy and daddy made you go looking for a job (especially you twenty somethings that haven’t left home yet)
  • Time to cut the apron strings.
    • You are the one I’m hiring, not your parents, so you need to be the one to come see me, to get the application, to fill it out. I’m not hiring mom or dad I’m hiring you. I don’t mind talking to them about it, but they can’t be the one to do all the work for you. It’s your butt that will be scooping the ice cream not theirs, so I want to talk to you.
    • Please share above tip with your parents

Ok, this letter (and post) is getting too long. I could go on and on. From not reading the application or maybe having an answer to a simple question like – Why do you want to work here? (HINT – know what store you are in before you open your mouth and words come out – look around first) And if one more person tells me they like Ice Cream I’m going to tell them, That sucks, cuz next week we will be selling sandwiches instead”.

But, for a moment I’m going to stop being a smart ass and give you some good advice once you’ve done all the above and this works for everyone who wants to get hired regardless of your age:

Persistence pays off.

Just because you have dropped off the application doesn’t mean you never have to come back again. Stop by each week and show me you really want to work there. The folks I’ve hired have shown me they really want to work there and I’ve gotten to know them by their weekly returns for a job. Show me what I’d be getting. Trust me, when I am hiring it is YOU I will remember first.

Dear Teenage Job Seeker, thank you for reading this letter.

(Then again, it’s not like they will listen – Afterall they ARE teenagers and we all know THEY already KNOW EVERYTHING so what do I know?

Silly me thinking that 25+ years means anything.  LOL

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Do You Have Ice Cream in that Pink Truck?

As some of you know, I own an ice cream store. A few years ago I put the shrink wrap advertising on my 11 year old Ford 150. So I went from complete anonymity in my fade in the background grey, to HOLY COW LOOK AT THAT PINK TRUCK WITH ICE CREAM ON IT! Yea, no hiding now.

Today, we had a meeting with the other franchisees and there were like 4 of us with the same wrap on our trucks. Trust me, these suckers stand out. Especially when traveling in packs. We started comparing comments that we get. I was laughing since it seems we all get the same ones. So for today I thought I’d share a few.

  • Pulling into any fast food drive through —- “Did you bring me any ice cream?”
    • Our thoughts – Hmm, I don’t recall you bringing me any Big Macs
    • Now for the record, I heard this 3 times today alone (drive thru, getting gas, stopping at a store)
    • True StoryI was at T-Mobile. I’m parked right in front of the store. I’m working on my upgrade and do I or don’t I. One of the employees asks me if I brought them ice cream. I said – “Did you bring me a phone?” he put his head down, says good point and sauntered away. LOL


  • Getting out of truck pretty much anywhere? —- “You got ice cream in that thing?”
    • Our thoughts – Yep, but it’s melted all over my back seat
    • True StoryI went to our local casino buffet. As I’m walking in, I’m stopped 3 different times and asked if I have ice cream in there that they can buy. I smile politely and point out that my store is right down the road on their way out of town. That unfortunately ice cream tends to melt in 115 degree weather.
  • Same Drive though windows – “Do they pay you to drive this truck?”
    • Our thoughts – Nope, we paid $2,000 to have the privilege of driving a bright butt pink truck
    • True StoryI wear a hat with my name badge and the word OWNER on it. I can’t tell you how often no one catches the fact that I own the truck and then they are shocked to learn that it is an 11 year old truck. Yep, PINK has a way of making it look new. (Too bad it still has the 11 year old dust inside)
  • Parked anywhere in town – “Daddy, Daddy, I want to eat this one!”
    • Ok, I’m just adding this one cuz it is soooo cute
    • True StoryLittle kids (under 5 usually) run up to the truck and try and take the ice cream off the sides. Yes, it is that life like. And yes, I did have one kid try and lick one. Hmm, I didn’t know it was scratch and sniff too!

Well, I think you get the point, each day is a new adventure of the funny things people say to us. Being the smart ass you have come to realize I am, the hardest part is not saying the first thing that pops in my mind (except that day at T-Mobile). But while it can get old, I do appreciate the attention it brings my store.

I just wish I could get my Taco Bell without being harassed if I brought a Sundae with me.

Hmm, maybe I should just start traveling with ice cream in my pockets.


~~till we laugh again~~

Hilarious SPAM Comments I Get

No, not the food silly!

All of us bloggers love to hear from our readers. We check our comments each day hopping we have touched each of you readers in a unique way.

But like most shing dings, there are those “Party Crashers” that like to sneak in and pretend they are with the cool kids.

Our bouncers at the door slide them into a little room called the SPAM room. I go in there once in awhile to see what they have to say. Normally they are peddling their wares and trying to trick my wonderful readers to visit their sites.

But sometimes, the methods they use to trick us with their comments are enough to enjoy and share. So today, I thought I’d share just some of the few I’ve gotten in the past week. Now keep in mind the topic of my blog is humor. Most of the time, I’m pretty sure I’m not too serious… which makes some of their comments even more funny…

  • “It’s arduous to find knowledgeable individuals on this matter, however you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks”
    •    Arduous? Really…Know what I’m talking about? Oh yes, I know what I find funny. Thanks for noticing
  • “My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was once entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!”
    • First off I really should thank their brother for enjoying good humor. And I’m glad he finally got something right in his life. But how much time did I really spend on gathering the information about hating my mom’s love of peas???
  • “Probably the most effective treatment for latex allergies is total avoidance.”
    • Hmmm, are they trying to say that my humor is a good way to promote safe sex???
  • “Vacuuming the carpets may not decrease pet allergens.”
    • ?????   Ok, thanks for the information…..
  • “You’re so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So good to find anyone with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with just a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the web!”
    • Wow, they are sooooo excited by my Adventures of Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike (guess they didn’t know how peddle themselves, glad I could help them)
  • “I’ve been surfing on the web greater than 3 hours at this time, still I never ever identified any fascinating article like yours.”
    • I’m sure glad I was worth the wait!
  • Would you be curious about exchanging hyperlinks?”
    • Ahhh, no, not on the first date
  • “I like this blog it’s a master piece!”
    • My Personal Favorite!  And it wasn’t even my mother who wrote it!  😀

Well, as you can see, I’m touching my fans in unique and personal ways. It is so rewarding to know that all the time and energy to be funny is paying off.

PS, for the record, I do like fried Spam.

~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Falling off the Orange Bike

Well, last week was not a good week for the Girl on the Orange Bike. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Like most new commitments to health, I took a fork in the road. Yes, I fell off the Orange Bike.

Ok, not literally fell off (although it still hurt). No, More like I fell off the wagon. I didn’t ride. (As the crowd begins to say “Oh nooooo”). Yep, for whatever list of excuses I could toss out, I didn’t do my stair stepping (darn and I had just got to the 300 step mark before passing out too). And I didn’t ride. But on the positive side, no matter how much I am still craving my Coke, I haven’t caved on that. (So I’m still batting .333% which would be great in baseball)

Sure, I could blame the company we had at the house (didn’t want to make all that noise on the stepper). Or I could say I ran late to work each day so I didn’t get to ride before opening. I’m sure I could list off hundreds, no thousands of excuses, I mean reasons. But I wont. Bottom line is, I lost focus.

Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the good news is, I hopped on that stepper today determined to get back on track. I was certain I would have fallen back to the 100 steps, I began with. But after pushing through the 3 minutes of boredom I was able to get back to my 300. Yahoo, no set back just a stall. I was then determined to ride today but excuse #1485 came into play and I missed that one. But I will prevail and ride tomorrow!

I will not be a statistic. I will not be part of the 95% that stop in February. It was just a coincidence I tell you!

So tomorrow I’ll dust off the seat bike from the week of dust it has collected (Cuz if I don’t, my butt will have dust all over it and how embarrassing would that be?)

If all goes well, in two weeks when it is time for my update, I will be proud to say I’m still off the Coke (the drink not the other stuff silly), stepping 400 steps and back to twirling around the subdivision again.

As a side note, my fingers are getting a great work out each day from the Post a Day in 2012. They are like super human fingers.    😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~


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Super Bowl Sunday – Why Do You Watch?

Well today is Super Bowl Sunday. Will you be watching? According to most reports, 100% of the people will be. Ok, maybe not 100% but pretty much anyone within reach of a TV or internet will view the Super Bowl. Sure some will watch the actual game, but many will tune in for some other reason.

Let’s face it, for many people watching, this will be the only football game they watched all season. Some people will wonder why the Giants say NY instead of SF on their helmets. Some will bug those watching by asking, “Why does that man keep throwing his handkerchief on the ground?”

Normally during our TV viewing days, we spend 354 days fast forwarding through the commercials unless we are going to the bathroom. Today is the only day out of the year that people will actually pee during the game just to not miss a commercial.

Let’s face it, unless the game is close, the only thing you can get excited about are the commercials. You know, the ones where companies spend millions of dollars to make a commercial, then spend millions more for their 30 second spot, all because they know we are suckers for this annual tradition of hype. But even I must admit, watching Betty White get tackled a few years ago was pretty freaking hilarious.

Tomorrow, the internet will blow up with people surfing the web to re-watch their favorite ones. And the poor fools like myself that have to work, will fast forward their TIVOs just to get to the commercials everyone was raving about. (Why watch the game? By then we already know who won.)

While I type this, thousands of people have flooded the grocery stores to buy their last minute chips & dip. BBQs around the globe are being fired up to flame broil the millions of wienies, burgers & steaks that will be consumed today. And tonight, millions of kitchens and living rooms across America will be littered with left over residue of the Super Bowl Parties that will begin shortly.

So while some of you pull on your team jersey, and wish it was your team playing today, there is someone else in the world dusting off their material girl clothes from the 80s as they watch Madonna perform. (and you know who you are out there so stop denying it!)   😀

But which ever reason you pick today, enjoy the game. Because tomorrow you will have a mess to clean up and a whole lot of reminiscing to do with everyone as they rehash what happened.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Penguin Collection – Proof of Invasion

Ok, many of you asked for it. (At least in my head) so I thought I’d post some pictures of the Penguin Invasion I have. Now, before I show these pictures, it is important to note that what you may see may shock you. They might not be good for those of faint of heart.

I live in the middle of no where and there is a lot of dust. And to be honest, most of these suckers reside and party in my home office that I rarely use lately due to working out my office at my store. So some of these party animals have been rolling around in the dust, strolling over to other shelves to hang out with their friends in the second story (even though I made it very clear they weren’t allowed to go to their friends house when I wasn’t home and they were done with their homework). When will they learn to just sit at home playing video games like all the other children out there?

So if you are thinking of calling Penguin Protection Services, trust me, they are well taken care of, just a little rambunctious.

Now that my required legal disclosures are out of the way, time to stroll through some random shots I took via my phone. No professional photographer here (gosh knows there are tons of you already on WordPress and I’d hate to take up someones spot)  😉

First off we have the well behaved sophisticated group that is too good to hang out with the party kids

Here is the paper mache (however you spell that darn word) that my sister made me a long time ago

(you know you are admiring the sign behind his head too)

Then we have some of the Christmas Bunch (only a few as the others are protecting the Christmas ornaments from the Grinch

Then we have “The Bouncer” he babysits the rowdy ones when I’m gone

(yes, he really is 2 ft tall – don’t be jealous)

Then we have the good children, that aren’t cool enough for the glass cabinet but well behaved for their own shelf

(some look stuck up with their noses in the air tho)

And finally, the group you have all been waiting for, the rowdy, out of control children that are the life of the shelf party

(the one in the rain coat just got in from Seattle where he was visiting)

Ok, there you have it. Just a little glimpse into the Penguin habitat in Arizona I have built. Hope these pictures gave you a good laugh, smile or chuckle. If they did, then I did my job well.

~~~till we laugh again~~~