Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Talking To Yourself?

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself? Not the kind where you are the only one in the room and you really are talking to yourself. But the kind where you are looking at a person, speaking to them, finish the conversation, they nod then forget the entire conversation – type of talking to yourself?

First off, I know I am guilty of this at times. But normally it is due to someone just talking to get stuff off their chest and not really wanting me to memorize what they are saying. Or maybe it is my mom doing her daily rant on the phone and on my end all you hear is “uh huh”. (sorry mom, but you know I do this). I’ve been known to hang up the phone and not remember what the hour conversation consisted of. Not because I didn’t care, because I do, but really because it wasn’t the type of stuff I needed to recall in 15 min.

I’m referring to the type  of talking to yourself when you have told someone about 85 million times how to do something or not to do something but they act like it is the first time you have ever had this conversation. I get this all the time with the kids I work with. Maybe it is a teenager / young adult mentality. But I know better. I had this problem in previous jobs too with so called adults.

Tonight for example, I asked if something was done twice and was told yes (two different people). Then when I pointed out later that it still wasn’t completed (it was half done), I was told A) that that isn’t what I asked (I did for the record) and B) I explained for 2 years I’ve said it needed to be done by a certain time (which it wasn’t). I got a strange look like this was new. Which it wasn’t. I say it every single day.Everyday it seems to be a surprise. No matter which of these young folks I ask.

Sometimes I wonder if it is a mechanism the body uses of self denial that they couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong. Because had I told them before, they surely would have rectified the behavior. Silly me thinking that after 2 years of me telling you to do something a certain way that at some point it just might stick in your noggin.

Then again, it also happens when I’m speaking directly to them and they turn away mid conversation and start doing something. I’m like, HEY, I”M STILL TALKING TO YOU.  They act like they are listening (which they aren’t). So I stop mid sentence and say – “Then what did I just say”. This is usually 40/60. Yep, 40% of the time they will shock me and at least heard part of what I said. (the part usually before they turned away from me). And even then, it will still be missing the key parts of the story/lecture/direction.

I’m not sure if this will ever change. I guess I’ll just have to keep talking to myself. It’s not like I have anything important to say. I’m just the one in charge. I think

Must be Karma. I really should listen to my mother more when she is telling me stuff.


~~~till we laugh again~~~