Darn You Sweet Tea!

OK, so I’ve held strong on the no Coca Cola in 2012. I’m not going to lie. It’s been tough. I love that stuff. Some days it is worth rotting out my insides over. Like a person who gave up cigarettes cold turkey, I still crave the monster. But alas, I have held strong.

But I’m thinking I have invited a new monster into my house.

First, a trip down memory lane….

When I was a kid, I loved ice tea. I would make it hot on the stove then add tons of sugar and be in Tea heaven. Then one day I decided to lose weight and realized that all that sugar had to be bad for you. So I learned to drink my tea with no sugar. (some of you gasp at the mere thought). I love it plain. No sugar, no lemon, no fu fu fruity version either. Straight up tea with no sugar substitutes for me.

Now, some places do make a gross tea. Not going to lie. But I can handle the tea at  most places unless it is so bad I have to choke it down.

I’ve been a happy no sugar tea drinker for almost 25 years.

During my old job I had to travel to Atlanta a few times a year and would order tea and not realizing it, would almost spit it out on the first drink. System shocked by the amount of sugar the tea contained. They really should offer warning labels in those restaurants for us westerners. Later I realized to ask in advance. Although, I will admit, the shock of raspberry or some other fruity delight tea is way grosser for the record.

Flash forward to a month ago. I ordered my tea (drink of choice right now since soda is off the list and water gets old after awhile). I drive back to my store only to discover they gave me Sweet Tea instead. Being desperate, I drank the tea. And like any vice we shouldn’t have, my taste buds began to enjoy it after awhile. OH NO!

I’ve been fighting the urge the past few weeks and when I cave in, I’m excited when it is a bad batch (as usually it was).  I am a good girl again in my eyes and just go back to craving my coke.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I stopped at my favorite gas station in the whole world wide world (QuikTrip or QT as us fan’s call it) and as I passed my old favorite hang out spot inside – (the soda machines area with 50 million ways to get your soda fix) I saw in slow motion like in a movie – the section with eight teas available. And what do I zoom in on? You got it, sweetened tea. Oh no!  I grab a taste praying it will be gross. Please be gross, please be gross chanting in my head as the cup goes to my lips.


It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!   Dang you QT!!!!

~~~pause to take a sip – Yep, still great!~~~~

Well, my confession is over. I feel better yet worse. They say the first step in fighting an addiction is to admit you have a problem. I guess this would count.

Don’t hate me. As they say, hate the game not the player. Or in this case, hate the tea not the drinker.

And darn you QT for having the best darn Sweet Tea!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Darn You Sweet Tea!

  1. nosugarjustspice

    I gave up coca cola a month ago…..I’ve slipped a couple times, usually on weekends, but I’m doing ok. There are days when I think that an ice cold coke would be fantastic but I’ve been pretty good at holding out. Of course I seem to have replaced it with orange juice….good luck with your sweet tea fix

    1. tadams4u

      It is amazing how strong that stuff is, but it is soo good. But we can do it! The hard part is how when you come across it in old settings, like eating out or the service stations were we get our fix. LOL.

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    I bow down to you for quitting Coke. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so pop is the only way I get my caffeine. Now I do drink diet pop, but some reports say that is even worse for you. I can’t win! Plus I have been trying to quit my chocolate addiction, but I really fell off the wagon this weekend (as she scrapes the last of the icecream out of the bowl). Why is everything good so fattening? 🙁

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