Meryl Streep – I’m Coming After You!

As we all begin our blogging journey, we wonder if anyone will read. We wonder if what we have to say is even worth others reading. Slowly but surely (if we try) we start to explore other people’s blogs and then they begin to discover ours. And soon, we begin to develop a “following” of folks that like what they see.

One item that catches your eye early in your seeking out new bloggers are these “Blogging Awards” or nominations for the award rather. A nomination with no vote in the end, so that part always makes me laugh. Or is there? People vote with their clicker. They see your site and hopefully visit. These awards are a way of saying – Darn I liked what you said and everyone should know about you!

Secretly, we all want to be nominated. Sure it would bring you new readers, but the fact that someone reaches out and says they loved what you are doing adds pep to our step. Isn’t one of our basic needs to feel appreciated?

So, even if you are one of the rare people that could take or leave the nomination, just know that by you passing it along, you are making someone else’s day. Maybe giving them the inspiration to write more, write more often, or even have confidence that what they are saying matters.


Now with that said, I’d like to thank No Sugar, Just Spice for nominating me for not one but four awards! Oh my. So much love should have a warning label on it. These nominations I will always remember as they were my first (hopefully first of many – as I’ve stated before I’m an over achiever and really need that recognition)   😉

I’m so confident that I will make people laugh (even if just once) that I felt the need to dedicate an entire wall (page) to the plethora of awards I hope to obtain. I’m hoping my penguin collection will need to be pushed aside to make even more room.

So, feel free to make me the Meryl Streep of Blogging Nominations.


February 2012 – Nominated by No Sugar, Just Spice – Link to Acceptance —> (Coming Later Today Hopefully)

                    (Hey, took forever to write this – don’t hate) 😀


Awards Nominated for: Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award, The Sunshine Award, The Candle Lighter Award & The Liebster Award



This Spot kept dusted and saved for next nomination – please do not place your mug here…