Why I like the Golden Globes


Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.
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Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Sure the people that win probably aren’t always the ones you think should (The Artist??? – Bridemaids was robbed!)


But the reason I love watching them isn’t always for the winners/losers. It is by far the funniest awards show on TV each season.


First off, Ricky Gervais is one funny fellow. His sarcastic wit and ability to poke fun at others is top notched. Sure you may find his jokes a little crass at times (poor Jodie Foster) , but they are still funny. And if you don’t laugh, then you are just wound too tight. Take it for what they are — Jokes…


Second off, the way they pick on each other is great. You get to see some of the inside friendships and the sharp barbs they shoot at each other (Brad & George / Morgan & Helen). The best part is, everyone seems to have thick skin. Some may not laugh, but they expect it due to the nature of the show. And if they don’t laugh all night, maybe they should have stayed home.


Finally, the open bar and heavy drinking makes for some interesting, if not awkward moments (yes, I’m talking to you Meryl Streep). I’m not a fan of getting wasted but it sure does cause these folks to loosen up a bit and say stuff they might not normally say.


So, while other shows seem a little more uptight or real nerve wracking for some, this one just makes me laugh from beginning to end. Even the speeches are usually funny. Sometimes due to the words they speak and sometimes due to how the joke isn’t working or both. (Modern Family, I’m not sure how many people got it – but it was funny)


If you have never watched them before, I’m sure YouTube has some highlights, but for sure next year TiVo it like I do. I promise you will laugh at least once or twice.




~~~Till we laugh again~~~


0 thoughts on “Why I like the Golden Globes

  1. DiatribesAndOvations.com

    I enjoy the Golden Globes program but only for the pomp and circumstances. It’s really only a dress rehearsal for the Oscars. In our global news environment, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has become meaningless. If we ever see a “Global” or “Worldwide” Press Association, then their votes might become more relevant.

    But, for me, the Golden Globes is a fun party that we get to watch … from a distance … kinda like going to the zoo.

    1. tadams4u

      Exactly! It’s like a party they let us in on the joke with. I was reading this article about how some of the “wins” are part of favors. Plus I’m pretty sure the folks that voted didn’t get the humor in Bridesmaids. There is no way a movie was funnier last year. LOL

  2. cksdays

    Because it has more than just movies, I think it has become my favorite award show. I’d rather watch it than the Oscars. It’s a little looser, too, not so uptight. Unfortunately, I only got to see the last hour of it last night so I’ve been reading about it all day.

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