Proof of the Orphaned Rubber Ducky

The Orphaned Rubber Ducky

In my rubber ducky story I ended by saying how the Orphaned Rubber Ducky was being well taken care of by my Golden Goose from a Steven Covey seminar I did. Plus a penguin that can’t be bothered.

Well a picture is worth a thousand words they say so I snapped this picture this morning to show the world how healthy the ducky is today (even though he might be a little dusty – I’m not a big duster – ok, I rarely dust, so lay off me)   😀

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0 thoughts on “Proof of the Orphaned Rubber Ducky

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    Dusting?!?!? What is this thing? Oh wait, is that what I did before my parents showed up for Christmas and that I won’t do again for about 6 months? What’s the point in dusting I ask? It just looks the same the next day anyway no matter what amazing dusting products you use!! 🙂

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