Friday the 13th – Oh the Abuse You Take

Why do we blame all our misfortune today on the fact it is Friday the 13th ?

It’s not like crappy stuff doesn’t happen to us the other days of the year. Maybe we are just more aware of it. Or it makes us feel better that we aren’t the klutz or magnet of misfortune that we probably are.

Then again the fear of #13 has always baffled me. It’s a pretty number nestled between 12 & 14. And if you squash it together you get a B. See, it can’t be all that bad.

I really love when I’m at a hotel and there is no 13th floor. Umm, technically floor 14 is 13. If you don’t believe me, hang your sheets out your window, walk outside and count the windows up. SURPRISE! You are on level 13. Don’t panic, just walk back in and take the stairs. You will be glad you are on 13th floor and don’t have a 14th flight of stairs to climb up.

So, don’t fear today. It’s a wonderful day. The dead didn’t rise up and take over the world.

They are saving that for the End of the World in December 2012. So we can just check back in then.

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~