Everyone Should Dress Up as a Character Sometime in their Life

For many years my mother worked at a bread store. I was lucky enough to go to work with her a few times and help out. One of these memories was dressing in a giant Snoopy Costume like you see here. I think it was a grand opening or something for a grocery store and all I had to do was wear the costume and roam around. I have three main memories from this.

  1. How hot it was in that darn thing.
  2. The massive neck ache I had from holding my head back against gravity. As you know, Snoopy has one large honker for a nose. And let me tell you, Snoopy is one pain in the neck.
  3. The massive amounts of love you feel when little kids come up and hug you (Snoopy).

Little kids thought I was really Snoopy. They were so happy and giddy. I really understood how the characters at Disney felt.

These memories were dusted off yesterday when I got to “pass along” the fun of looking silly. I borrowed an Ice Cream cone costume to wear on the corner with our sign to help the locals remember we are in town. I’m still amazed that in a tiny town, people still roam in saying they have lived there 2 years and just found us. Did I mention I’m also on the main shopping part of the town that is as long as a block?  Cracks me up.

Anyways, I  was showing the costume to one of my guys and after a few minutes I convinced him to dress up. I laughed my butt off for hours. Not because how he looked (although that was funny enough) but rather from the look on his face that he had to do it. And knowing, he secretly was liking it. One of the other kids put it on today. Same smile but not as much laughter since he willingly did it.

But I will tell you. Something about a silly costume brings out the silliness in all of us. We laugh when we look at others and we become silly in one. Personally I find it funny when I see folks out on the streets in costumes and you can tell how miserable they are. It is funny to see a miserable giant hot dog. LOL.

So next time you drive by someone in a costume have fun with them. Help them have fun. They may not love it, but you know they made you smile.