Donation Requests… Trying to Buy My Love

I had a weeks worth of mail on my desk that I haven’t had time to open, so I made it my mission today in between customers to tackle this pile about 3 feet tall.You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Ok, maybe it really was really 2  1/2 feet tall but that sucker was huge.  To top it off, it fit the 80 / 20 rule. Yep, 80% were bills, 20% were donation requests.

My original post was going to be about bills, but honestly, there was nothing humorous in all the money I owed. So I decided to tackle the other 20% of my mail.The Donations

I’m pretty much thinking if the donation request people could see what the bill people were requesting, they would understand more on why they pretty much aren’t getting their fair share of my money.

However, I do have a way for the donation people to make more money off me with out me having to double up my efforts. I could save them thousands if not millions of dollars. Stop trying to bribe me. If I give you $100 please do not spend that $100 turning around trying to re-bribe me a month later or bribing others like me.

It seems like this tough economy is causing the donations requesting teams to send me all kinds of goodies in hopes of me getting so excited by this gift, I’ll look in my bank account and discover an extra $50.

The favorite bribing tool? Note pads. Lots and lots of note pads. Good thing I need them. (we use at work). Today’s picture is of all the note pads I’ve received in December and January alone.

Here are the other items I’ve been bribed with recently….

  • Note pads (the gift of choice it seems)
  • flags
  • world maps
  • nickels
  • stamps (and free paperclip)
  • ribbons / bows
  • Christmas cards
  • decoration stickers
  • address labels
  • Magnets
  • Key chains

Don’t get me wrong, I love the vast majority of the causes and give when I can. But seriously, do they think they need to bribe me?

How much could stay to their bottom line? It makes you wonder how much actually gets to the cause they are trying to help.

Have you gotten anything weird not mentioned here?


~~~~till we laugh again~~~~