Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army! They will attack you when you aren’t looking. Sure they smile but it’s what is behind the smile that is scary….  Ok, just kidding.

Althoughhhhhh, some people are afraid of clowns. Sounds like a good topic for another day. But for today. I just wanted to show you something that makes me smile every time I see it.

We make clown cones (Ice cream with icing). And we tend to do them in batches. When they are done, before they get their lids, I LOVE opening our freezer and seeing them all bright and colorful staring at me. Makes me laugh all day. So I thought I would share.

Hope they make you smile as well. And if they freak you out and you have nightmares….. OOPS! MY BAD….

Maybe tomorrow we will discuss the fear of Clowns….


~~~Till we laugh again~~~~


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