Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike

Ok, so besides trying to make you laugh each day in 2012, I have another resolution. Or as I like to think of it…..Pain in the ass promise to myself….

My goal is to be more active in 2012. I could give a thousand reasons why, but let’s just say I need some fresh air in my life since I’m always indoors.

So, I decided that I would buy a bike and before I started work I’d try and ride around. Get some exercise in, breathe fresh air and take in the sites.

So here is where the funny comes in…

     A) My butt on a bright Orange bike – that alone is funny as hell if you saw it

     B) Breathing fresh air takes on a whole new meaning when you are sucking it in to survive

     C) Until I do this more, the sites consist of the 1/2 mile around my store

D) I haven’t ridden a bike in 7 years and yes, the seats are still as uncomfortable as they were then. What the heck, we can make a phone with processor of a sophisticated computer yet can’t make a bike seat that doesn’t hurt your behind..

But in the end, I’m sure I’ll get some good stories to tell. A few laughs for you and those I pedal by.

So if you happen to be in my town and see what looks like a huffing and puffing mass riding an Orange cruiser, try and not crash into the divider while you laugh your ass off. It’s just me trying to be a little healthier.

~~~~~Till we laugh again~~~~

0 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    Hey, you must have the same type of butt as me because mine looks funny as hell on a bike too. Not that anyone ever sees it on a bike because biking as an adult one time landed me on my ass with many scrapes and bruises, so I tend to avoid it as a form of exercise. Exercise is highly overrated by the way!! LMAO

    1. tadams4u

      I’m just waiting for the day my klutzy butt flips.  

      When I was a kid I was riding with my feet on the handle cut me off. I flipped bike and slammed face first into pavement. I still have two slightly cracked front teeth.


  2. Deborah Layton-Root

    Tammy, I admire you for trying this!! I bought a bike a year ago and started riding it for fun, then starting riding it to stores, library, etc instead of my car….and miracle of all miracles….I lost 20 lbs along the way!!!….and I enjoy it emmensely!!! Keep it up – it does get easier…I can relate to the huffing and puffing…..but you are doing yourselft and the environment a good thing!

    1. tadams4u

      Thanks Deb for the encouragement. I am liking it when I am out there. I tell myself that each day will get easier. By the time I get decent at it, we will be in 115 degree weather and that should be fun! LOL… I’ll write a post about the Red Tomato riding the Orange. 😀

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