Resolution on the brink!

Just not in my face

Oh no! I have exactly 48 minutes as I type to get a laugh posted. Otherwise I will fail on my 366 day challenge on day 7. That wouldn’t be good.

But what to write? I had a busy day, I know I had to have had a laugh somewhere.

Maybe it was when one of my employees accidentally flung some ice cream right across me and barely missed. We both chuckeled. She then said, “What would really have been funny would have been if I hit you in the face.”

Hmmmm    Her: Funny       Me: Not so funny       You: Probably think funny

Ok, I never promised tons of laughs. But this one did make me laugh. Even more when I think of how funny she thought it was.  LOL

And if you are reading Rosa, if you ever “accidentally” hit me in the face with ice cream…. I’ll know you did it for a laugh!   😛


~~~~till we laugh again~~~~