Laughter or/a Smile: Some days are harder than others

I have a motto in life, laugh every day. No matter how bad you feel, no matter how much the world sucks, without laughter you feel no hope. For laughter is hope in disguise.  But what about those days you feel no ray of hope?

Those are the most important days to find a smile no matter how small or how quick it goes by. For that brief moment of laughter is sometimes the glue that gets you through your day, reminds you that it will be ok.

I promise you have that moment even if you don’t recall when it happened. Maybe it was an ant trying to carry a load to big, maybe it was a little boy telling him mommy he was big enough to tie his own shoes, or maybe it was an older couple riding in on their Harley with Santa Hats on their Helmets and the white ball flapping around.

You may not remember the little smile or chuckle, but it was there. And it was in that moment that you felt alive and it might be ok. Your conscious might not remember it, but your subconscious does.

When I challenge you to smile each day, all I’m asking is for you try and consciously feel the warmth of the smile. Even for that brief moment. The hope it gives will last longer. And don’t we all deserve a little hope even in our darkest days?


(Wow, and not one sarcastic moment in that! – Whoops! till I typed that.  LOL  – oh well, guess I was just trying to give you your one brief moment of laughter – Cuz you know you just smiled!)  


0 thoughts on “Laughter or/a Smile: Some days are harder than others

  1. etomczyk

    Hi Tammy. Looks like you and I were on the same wave length last week or so. Check out my post, “Are you havin’ a laff?” If you laugh, you can count it as #1 on your resolution list. You also might find a few chuckles in the other stories since I am a humorist writer. I agree with you about making a concerted effort to engage in more laughter, and I’ll certainly join your laughter quest. Cheers!

    1. tadams4u

      Thank you, I’m definitely Pro Laughing. Or Laffing LOL. I”m glad you are joining our Laugh a day in 2012. I’m headed over to check out your blog so I can get a few chuckles in today!

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