Little Old Man & Eskimos

We are on a roll now, T minus 22 days until our laugh a day begins.

True Story:

Little old white haired man waddles up to the returns desk when I worked at Home Depot. Real seriously he looks at me and asks “Why do Eskimo’s wash their clothes in Tide”. I look at the other person up there with me, we both shrug and go, “we don’t know, why?”

The little old man says “Because it’s too cold out tide”

Then he turns around and waddles away…..

Now for those of you who might be joked challenged, not only is the behavior of the little man funny, but this has been one of my favorite jokes.  In Tide (inside) too cold Out Tide (outside).  LOL. Still makes me laugh just typing it. I’ll always remember that little white haired man.