Control Your Kid – Pleaseeeee

OMG – Why can’t some parents control their kids?

Why is it a new mom will not let Little Johnny or Suzy two feet from them when they first start walking yet in the next year or two they don’t even have a clue where they are or what they are doing?

Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. Why else would I have an ice cream store?

During my many years at Home Depot I was always amazed at how parents never watched their kids. They would let them climb ladders, climb pallets of concrete and climb inside the racking. Did they not care if their kid fell? Or if they ate toxin? Or if they got cut? Hell, never mind the forklifts running around.

Now, I have to deal with these same kids opening and closing my freezers doors over and over. They open the cake freezer doors and poke holes in my ice cream cakes! Watching them lock my front door and laughing. And to top it off they don’t see them picking the candy off their ice cream and throwing it on the floor. Never mind the madness when the sugar kicks in and they run around like mad dogs and start banging on my windows. Yet there is mom and dad talking away not paying attention to Little Suzy or Johnny.

In both situations, I or others are left stopping these kids from their destruction. We say it nice as can be. But most of the time the parent doesn’t even recognize we are talking to their kids. And when they do, instead of embarrassment they look at us as if we are mean or some horrible monster to stop their kid from destroying our stuff or even worse hurting themselves.

Now, I’m not sure, but I’m going make a leap here. I’m thinking these same Little Johnny or Suzy’s are who grow up to be the foul mouth, attitude, destructive teenagers that I deal with as well. The same ones that are mad that I ask them not to sit at my outside table, the ones that bend my 15 min parking signs, the ones that graffiti the walls. They had no consequences as little rugrats which allowed them to become teenage brats. Hey, but that is just my theory.

But I’ll save my rants on today’s teenagers for another time.

I know none of my blog readers do this with their with their kids, but if you know someone, please I beg you, please have them leave my freezers alone because that banging they keep hearing is Little Johnny opening and slamming those freezer doors over and over.

Maybe you’ve lived this nightmare as well. And you know my pain.

Till we rant again..       =)