Bet u didn’t know ordering ice cream was so hard

The following conversation occurred earlier today:

CUSTOMER: I need two scoops of Oreo

ME: Cup or Cone



ME: So that’s two scoops in a cup of Oreo



ME: OK, so it’s not 2 scoops in a cup, so is that two cups with one scoop each?


CUSTOMER: (Now looking ticked off) – I said two scoops of Oreo in a cup

ME: (taking a deep breath) – I understand, I’m just asking, are the two scoops in one cup or is it two cups with one scoop each?


CUSTOMER: (Just staring at me now) –  Ohhhhh, I see. No, two different scoops in a cup.

ME: (Deep breath – holding up two single scoop cups) – Ok, one scoop in each coming right up.


CUSTOMER: Oh no, I need them in the same cup.


WTF???? Shoot me now, this can’t be this difficult. It’s ice cream people.

The sad part is I have this same conversation at least once a day.  LOL

No wonder why I had a headache today…